Is communism the answer to the end of oil?

Energyskeptic wrote about the ongoing depletion of energy resources and the need to change economic systems. This is advocated by columnists such as Monbiot at The Guardian. So I'll quote a bit from the energy skeptic and then I'm posting my answer:

"Economic growth is an artifact of the use of fossil fuels. Before large amounts of coal were extracted, every upswing in industrial production would be met with a downswing in agricultural production, as the charcoal (from wood) or horse power required by industry reduced the land available for growing food. Every prior industrial revolution collapsed, as growth could not be sustained. But coal broke this cycle and enabled – for a few hundred years – the phenomenon we now call sustained growth."

And here's my answer: 

"The economic system used by the USA and Germany seems fine to me...they could use some changes but I´m not into throwing out the baby with the crib. 

Corrupt autocracies like the ones in Russia, Cuba, and other nations do need to rationalize their systems. It would help if they adopted some sort of democracy. 

And of course all systems need perpetual fine tuning. For example, we could pass a law to make all bankers wear black hats and forget about getting bailed out when they screw up and are ready to go belly up. 

Economic growth doesn’t need to stop, but we do need to control population ASAP, and a larger share of the economy will have to be devoted to energy. However, there’s huge potential in efficiency measures. For example, we can reduce the surface area of our dwelling in exchange for much nicer surroundings, drive a much more fuel efficient vehicle, and this doesn’t mean we are poorer or we have to lose our economic freedom."
I'm seeing lots of articles and comments by left leaning authors proclaiming we need to change economic systems. The authors live in the USA and Europe, so my guess is they mean changing from capitalism into their personal version of socialism or communism. These guys really seem to believe in the old Soviet worker´s paradise. 

Real life experience tells us that communism generates poverty and human rights abuses. They forget it will take economic power  to increase the amount of  energy we get from  sources such as wind and solar. This alternative doesn´t penetrate very well in that crowd because their primary driver is to peddle socialist/communist politics using global warming and resource depletion as an excuse.

(Energyskeptic writes at the Peak Energy blog in my blogroll).  

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