An example of ridiculous support for Maduro

I was browsing through a political forum where I used to write and I found a really funny post about the anti government protests in Venezuela by what appears to be a paid Venezuelan government agent who goes by the name Bulaba with the title:

Venezuela's people show solidarity for President Maduro

I guess this turkey means solidarity like this? 

The content must be intended for the few brain dead Maduro supporters left on this planet. It starts like this:

“In an exclusive interview granted by the Venezuelan government, the Guardian had the opportunity to observe the ongoing right-wing demonstrations and interview Venezuela's democratically-elected president, Nicolás Maduro.”


“As noted elsewhere, the protests are largely limited to middle and upper class neighborhoods in Caracas and other major cities. Support for the right-wing reactionaries in Venezuela seeking to overthrow their elected government is not popular amongst the poor, who have benefited greatly by Chavez's socialist reforms that saw living conditions improve for the working class of Venezuela, as well as the reduction of poverty.....blah blah blah"

They like to repeat the same set of lies over and over: the Venezuelan opposition is all right wing, Chavez did a lot for the poor (while conveniently ignoring that poverty has increased in Venezuela since Maduro took over, and that Chavez enjoyed a huge windfall from high oil prices), and insist that Maduro has the right to do as he pleases merely because he was “elected”.

I guess the key is to remember extremists like to get in power, then change the constitution, disobey the laws, and do whatever it takes to stay in power. 

Those who like to support the Maduro regime support human right abuses and corruption. If anybody wants to answer the posts made by these agents in this particular site, feel free to visit

Maybe somebody ought to mention the protests have reached the barrios like Minas de Baruta in Caracas, and what keeps the poor from protesting is the government-paid "colectivos" or biker gangs. 

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