Communist Azeris aren´t a majority.

I would be prepared to bet a significant amount of cash that Communist Azeris aren´t a majority. To understand why it's important to understand post Soviet collapse Azeri history.
Azerbaijan never finished conversion to a fully democratic and neo liberal capitalist system. In the post Soviet collapse Aliyev (the old communist party boss) took power aided by oligarchs and other reactionary forces, and installed a dictatorship which hides behind a "democratic" veneer.
The dictatorship seems is evolving into a hereditary autocracy, similar to what we see in Cuba.

And I would say it´s definitely more fascist than democratic. Fascism does have the internal flexibility to accept capitalism, as long as power remains concentrated in a small ruling elite at the very top.
I´d like to add that my personal experience in the "worker´s paradise" was in Castro´s gulag, but I did live and visit in the former Soviet Union countries for many years, have many friends in those countries (including Azerbaijan).
The consensus seems to be that communism is a failed system, but that most of those countries never really freed themselves....they were captured by former communist party bosses and their associated oligarchs. Communism brings autocracy and dictatorship (democracy isn´t part of their basic dogma, they are very clear they have to avoid the popular will and this isn´t a mistery to those of us who lived inside such systems). The autocracy and dictatorship associated with communism then allows the ruling elite to evolve into fascism once they realize that communism doesn´t work.
I don´t know if you read spanish, but recently there was a very interesting article written in aporrea.org (a communist site which seems to be independent of the Maduro regime).
If you don´t read Spanish try a software translator. You will see how Ms Reyes expresses a serious concern over the evolution of the Bolivarian revolution into fascism which practices capitalism under a red smoke screen.

Comment written in The Guardian  

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