North Korea´s Atomic Bomb is Mickey Mouse

I have a secret to reveal: the North Korean atomic bomb is a fairy tale. For many years the North Korean government has been desperate because hereditary communism doesn´t  work, and they are starving. They invented an imaginary atomic bomb to blackmail the world and try to get fuel and  food, but the bomb itself doesn´t  exist. In other words, the famous North Korean bomb is Mickey Mouse.

Are you surprised? The fact is that the North Koreans are inventing  a story and most of  the world remains in ignorance.  It is important that you, my readers, know what happens because this is a lesson about  how things really work in this world.

So how do  the North Koreans deceive the world? It's very simple.  They just have to dig a tunnel 1 km long on a mountain, fill its  bottom with five thousand tons of TNT,blow it up, and  announce they detonated an atomic bomb.

This works because countries like the U.S., Russia and China don´t  want North Korea  to build a real bomb. So, every time North Korea has "an atomic bomb test" they cooperate and lie, saying indeed  it was a nuclear  bomb, which had so many kilotons, and criticize North Korea for being a savage and a threat to humanity (forgetting that each of them keeps  an atomic arsenal sufficient  to destroy Earth). 

Because this "blackmail" works, then North Korea´s crazy dictator doesn´t  build the atomic bomb, and everything stays the same. Whenever "they test  a nuclear bomb" they are given some food and oil, and the whole issue is forgotten again. 

Gentlemen, the plot is so ridiculous the Kim who inherited the dictator´s throne  doesn´t even hide that he  is more interested in seeing a fake Mickey Mouse show than ruling the country.

"little" Kim waves to his admirers during the 
Mickey Mouse show they hold for him in Pyongyang

It's quite a story. Who would have thought the infamous “North Korean atomic bomb” would be just a tunnel they fill with explosives, and nothing more.  Isn´t it a bummer? These dictators abuse and abuse the people, and the "great nations" help them stay in power, because they agree among themselves  things should be as they have been.  

All of you ought to  understand that,  when things get ugly, nobody really  helps anyone. Each group  has to fight for its interests the best it can. Otherwise you´ll end in a dictatorship like North Korea, Cuba, or (you fill the name in), living a hopeless life,   forced to live clapping and cheering a criminal and hoping for change that never comes...

Venezuela´s National Assembly applauds as it surrenders 
its legislative powers to  Nicolás Maduro. 

Cuba´s National Assembly Applauds after
 it rubber stamps the Cuban dictator´s decree

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