The US State of the Climate Report

The US Government's state of the climate report is flawed. Its dire findings for the future are based on the use of a discredited CO2 emissions profile prepared by the IPCC called "RCP8.5.", climate models which exaggerate future temperatures due to internal parameterization inaccuracies and poor design, and a suspect carbon cycle model.

For example, here's a comparison of climate model predictions prepared using data as of year end 2017:

As you can see the full model family is running warmer than actual data. To make matters even worse, the case used by the government, RCP8.5, is at the highest or hottest of four cases developed by the IPCC.

 The regional predictions about weather events, the forest fire claims, the sea level rise projection, all of them are flawed and deserve low credibility. I sense that Obama created a government structure and bureaucracy so orthodox, rigid, and full of ideologues that it can no longer function professionally. Thus this report has to be discarded.


Much ado about free speech?

This is my response to an opinion piece written by a Canadian University professor about free speech in universities.  The link to the article is here: 
A personal anecdote as we see in this article is invalid when the legal, regulatory, and burocratic system allows, or is specifically intended to encourage, censorship, abuse, and actual career harm of individuals who challenge the dominant paradigm or culture. 
Once the system has these built in deffects, the end point can easily be an Orwellian society such as I experienced when I grew up in Cuba under the Castro dictatorship. “Western society” is gradually being driven towards repression and abuses of individual freedom by a well crafted campaign, by a group which knows no limits, meaning they will never stop increasing the degree of repression and abuse unless they are pushed back. 
In this world there’s no such thing as static balance, it’s not possible to merely try to preserve a free society as it is, because it will inevitably be undermined by groups trying to impose autocracy and dictatorship. Societies need to be tweaked and strengthened to avoid what unfortunately is happening in recent decades. And this is a war we can easily lose.


Chasing the international marxist network links

It's fairly simple: if a person is a member of the "Democratic Socialists of America" (DSA), and belongs to their New York branch (DSA-NY), then all you have to do is read several dozen webpages they themselves publish, and you will understand the intellectual core is marxist. You can also extend the effort and follow the named individuals on social media, read their blogs, and analyze the photos they publish. These are really useful, because the signs they make can reveal links to other organizations and ideas. Following these trails leads to an understanding that they work as a loose multinational network. I have researched portions of the network and can document the flow of funds from Venezuela to radical left parties in Europe and Latinamerica.

There have also been odd payments such as $18 million given to a famous Hollywood actor (Danny Glover) supposedly to make a movie about a Haitian slave revolt. A movie which was never made, and funds which were never accounted for.


The Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio link to German communists

Introduction: I was asked by an acquaintance to show why I've been saying that Democratic Socialists are hard core marxists closely associated with the German marxists who operate the Rosa Luxemburg organization, which in turn is a subsidiary of the German communist party now known as "Die Linke". This is a key topic because Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been elected to the US Congress, which means she's associated via DSA with the Die Linke organization. One interesting fact is that Rosa Luxemburg, a Die Linke shop, is heavily financed by the German government, led by Angela Merkel, who was born in communist East Germany, just like many of Die Linke's top leadership. 

Item I . Rosa Luxemburg and Die Linke German communists) meet and train Democratic Socialists of America and other US communists 

"A conference “Mapping Socialist Strategies” was convened from Aug. 1 to 4 in Briarcliff Manor, New York, by the New York office of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. It brought together 100 “influential progressives and leftists” from across the United States, Canada, and Europe for an “un-conference” on socialist strategies.
Plenary No. 4 was entitled “overcoming fragmentation and rebuilding the Left.” It states: “Michael Brie and Sarah Leonard discuss building left alliances and new trends on the left. How can the left rediscover and strengthen relationships amongst natural allies in the fight to defend the public sphere and defeat encroaching neoliberalism?”
Panelist Sarah Leonard was an editor at DSA-linked publication Dissent magazine and a DSA member.
Did Leonard have any inkling that her co-panelist once spied on young foreigners like her? Does she understand that Michael Brie once sought to recruit ego-driven young idealists to spy on their own countrymen for a totalitarian dictatorship?
Most of DSA’s top leadership were present at the conference, including DSA National Director Maria Svart, DSA Vice Chair Joseph Schwartz, DSA-linked publication Jacobin editor Bhaskar Sunkara, Jacobin magazine national organizer Neal Meyer, former Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) leader Betsy Avila and the legendary Frances Fox Piven of the “Cloward-Piven” strategy, which sought to “overwhelm the system” in America by flooding welfare to deliberately bankrupt states. Two DSA members Ethan Earle and Heidi Chua Schwa from the RLS-NY office also attended, as did several German-born staff.


Castro dictatorship withdraws personnel from Brazil

Brazil's President-elect Jair Bolsonaro announced he would take measures to change contract terms between Brazil and the Castro dictatorship for medical services. As a result the dictatorship announced it would be withdrawing from the contract. 

I applaud Bolsonaro's measure, because the working conditions of Cuban medical personnel are terrible. Not only are they paid a miserable salary, but they are also not allowed to take the family (nor can the family visit them, since they are left behind as hostages). The Cuban regime, with Brazilian cooperation, take away their documents to make it difficult for them to escape from that system, and Cuban security personnel controls their contacts with the local population. The system seen in Brazil is typical of those used by a communist country which can be considered a gigantic gulag, with a slave people subject to the irrational whims of a corrupt Marxist oligarchy.


Ocasio Cortes political add

Opening scene:

Ocasio Cortes standing by a lake surrounded by Indians, wearing a red robe. :"I always thought my life would be limited to bartending and occasional gigs as a Bernie Sanders groupie, but then I got a call by Justice Democrats who convinced me their NY network could get me elected to congress. All i needed was to declare myself a Democratic Socialist(*) and propose open borders, free college and health care, rent and gun controls, nationalizing banks, and to be able to explain that low unemployment was caused by too many people working two jobs."

Indian fellow: "Miss Ocasio Cortes, I think you hired the wrong kind of Indian extras for this add, we are legal immigrants from Mumbai, brought in by Google to write their add algorithms".

Ocasio Cortes: "That's OK, I'm sure voters will see that you Patagonian Indians will benefit from my open borders proposal, you definitely have a reason to fight the white male capitalist patriarchate"

(*) Democratic Socialism is the name used by German communists to describe their ideology, a rebooted 21st century version of Stalinism.