Raúl Castro tells Maduro to get tough

So we see Maduro return and start a ruthless attack against the National Assembly, including the use of the fake Supreme Court justices to take down the opposition's veto proof majority. 

 I believe Maduro's disappearance from public view was caused by a visit to Cuba, to receive advice (orders?) from Raúl Castro and his Venezuela experts. 

To figure out Maduro's behavior you have to think of him as being guided by Cuban military and intelligence personnel coordinated by Raul's son, Alejandro "el Tuerto". Alejandro is said to be somewhat of a psychopath, with average intelligence, and raised as a princeling. I've met these new generation communist oligarchs, they truly resemble 15th century nobility. 

Alejandro Castro Rus, current head of Cuban 
dictatorship security and intelligence services

Unfortunately for Venezuelans, the information and suggestions Raúl is receiving from his people embedded in the Chavista regime are all filtered and shaped by Alejandro. My guess is that Raúl, Alejandro, and their nomenklatura feel they can have Maduro get away with anything. Why? Because Latin American, European, and other nations, and Obama, are being quite friendly towards their dictatorship in spite of its continuous human rights abuses. 


Venezuela is in crisis lets watch Star Wars

I haven't been writing much because I got distracted by the hoopla about the Star Wars release, the Miss Universe screw up, the Spanish elections, and what's going on in Venezuela since the United opposition won the National Assembly elections on December 6 by a huge landslide.

Above is  the obligatory Star Wars picture 
(Han Solo, Chewbaca, Obi One Kanobi, and Luke). 

The English language media doesn't cover Venezuela very well. Some articles leave huge gaps, others give half truths, some lie, etc. so let me summarize: 

The election campaign was dirty, unfair, and riddled with electoral violations orchestrated by the regime, led by Chavez' heir, Nicolas Maduro, and the National Assembly president, Diosdado Cabello. 
Maduro and Cabello in better days. 
Note the odd raised RIGHT fist salute. 

Their candidates ran under the United Socialist Party banner (PSUV in Spanish). Their symbol on the ballot was the devilish looking "Chavez' eyes", which they have plastered all over Venezuela. Those eyes are creepy, they hint at big-brother-is-watching and the-devil.


What do I think about the IPCC?

Got it... Let's see: 

1. Sometime around 2007, an obscure committee decides to create four emissions pathways for CMIP5 (the IPCC's climate model intercomparison project number five). The most extreme forcing is 8.5 watts per m2, known as RCP8.5

2. A team is asked to assemble an IAM (Integrated Assessment Model) to deliver emissions forecasts,  which yield the specified 8.5 watts/m2 the committee wanted).  To achieve the target 8.5 they create a dystopian vision of the future. I read it includes assumptions like Nigeria with a population over 1 billion burning coal like there's no tomorrow - even though temperatures increase over 3 degrees C and everything is falling apart. They also burn oil and natural gas at rates we can't produce simply because the reserves aren't there. Even then they can't achieve the target, so they introduce huge amounts of methane into the atmosphere.  This dystopia is simply irrational. But they have to achieve the 8.5, so screw it, anything goes. 

3. Sometime in 2013 we start seeing references to this dystopia as "Business as usual". BAU. The first mention I see is by an IPCC official at a press conference (this is what perked my ears and made me start digging into the whole mess). 

4. Thousands of papers, tens of thousands of articles, and hundreds of thousands of comments begin to use this BAU case as a the basis for projected impacts. This dystopia is the foundation for the climate hysteria movement. The hysteria Obama says 97 % of scientists think is justified. 

5. The economic analyses used to justify the cockamamie actions advocated by the IPCC (also advocated by Obama, the EU and the Pope) use RCP 8.5 dystopia as the "alternate reality" to the "de carbonized" world they create in their models. 

I conclude this is one of the biggest scientific AND political frauds ever committed. It needs to be documented properly, and the world must be informed of this monstrous deceit. 

The aftermath as of right now: 

.....as the COP21 dust settles, we see the imbeciles leading the EU saying the same IPCC, which has shown itself to be shoddy, unprofessional, and fraudulent, is supposed to tell us how to limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees C above "preindustrial". So they scam the world and now they get to tell us what we are supposed to do....


What do I think about Paris COP21?

The following is a brief summary of my thoughts after the Paris Climate Change meeting: 
Global warming is real, some of it is caused by CO2, today’s temperature is about. 0.85 degrees C above pre industrial, the warming we have experienced thus far is beneficial, and will likely be positive until 2100, efforts to cut emissions are poorly thought, the 1.5 degree target isn’t supported by anything, the way the RCP8.5 is used amounts to large scale fraud, geoengineering requires much more research.

And climate change is now a vehicle or Trojan horse used by the left to peddle a radical vision of a top down, centrally planned and controlled communist world. 


President Obombo at the Climate Change Conference

President Obombo of Waziria is in Paris! 

Waziria's President Patrice Obombo gave a short speech on French TV last week as he arrived in Paris for the COP21 climate meeting. 

President Obombo leads the "Small African 16", a group of African nations advocating a mixed government and private intervention in their economies to reduce the rate of growth of their CO2 emissions. 

Transcript follows: 

We have arrived in Paris, coming to the meeting of the heads of state, which as you know is a political meeting. We aim to lever climate change to make important changes  in Waziria's economy, and of course the economies of our brotherly "Small African 16" nations. 

We will have people at the climate change conference as well, because it will serve as the platform for these political and economic changes. We aim to have this conference give us a binding agreement, and it will say climate change is a killer of terrible proportions. 

We need to agree...that for us to save humanity, we need to move together. This means the rich nations will have to set aside their self interest. They need to think globally. We hope the outcome will be satisfactory to the citizens of the world. 

This conference should not go according to the desires of rich nations. They should remember they owe us for the quality of the  air they breathe. They can't walk away without a firm commitment to share their money. If they do, we will be headed for the end of humanity. 


The Global Warming Rap

Yo! May I have your attention please? 
Yo, yo have one shot, one opportunity
I'm not afraid (I'm not afraid)
To take a stand (to take a stand)

Everybody! (everybody!)
Come take my head (come take my head)
We'll walk through the Valley together, through the storm
Whatever weather, hot or warm

His feet are wet, lungs hot, ears are slick
There's food on his hat already, friend's pizza
He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready to take a stand,
But he keeps on forgetting he wrote two degrees

The whole world's cooking
Everybody keeps looking
He keeps on  forgetting 
Why he wrote two degrees 

And here I am, denier
If I wasn't, then why would I say I am?
In the paper, the news everyday I am
Radio won't even play my jam
'Cause here I am, denier
If I wasn't, then why would I say I am?
In the paper, the news everyday I am
I don't know it's just the way I am

You better donate money
You own it, you better let it go
You only get one shot, don't miss your chance to take a stand
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo