Fidel Castro´s Homophobia

I remember when I was living in Cuba the regime was very homophobic. I don´t think Fidel´s homophobia was a secret. This wasn´t something we discussed in public, but we did discuss in private. Some thought it was fine because Christian and other social and religious traditions condemned it, others thought Fidel was being a bit dumb when he had the police check our homosexual tendencies by checking the tightness of our pant legs. I was a bit more selfish, I thought most homosexuals were male, and the more of them the better, because it left the young girls for the rest of us.

But what should be perfectly clear is that none of us could say something about it in a public setting, criticize the government, or write about it anywhere.

Photograph: Cuban gays (GlobalPost.com). 

So now we read how the state of Colorado in the USA has legalized marihuana, and we continue to read and hear the eternal comment about yankee imperialism, and denying the people the right to ask for changes, or making such changes, “because the empire will gain an advantage”.

I don´t know where you sit, but I suggest you think about this:

Is it better for Cubans to be kept wearing a muzzle, or is it better FOR THE PEOPLE to let them write, talk, suggest changes, and even protest to have changes? What do you think will happen if the people are free to say and write they are sick and tired of Fidel´s ideas? Do you really think those ideas are sacred? Is it sort of like a religion for you to have to bow and scrape to an old man, when everybody knows his ideas were wrong, and his brother Raul is going to change things as soon as Fidel dies?

Photograph: Screen shot from "The Art of Making Ruins" 

Once you have given this a thought, I suggest you start writing your true opinions, and forget the yankee empire and the other ideas they used. Fidel´s ideas are all obsolete, this is the 21st century, and it´s time for Cuba to move forward in time.

Original debate is at

The Art of Making Ruins

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