Multinationals help Maduro´s "Bolivarian Revolution"

“If you really are a Capitalism fan, you should come right away to Venezuela, seriously. Here, the leftist dream died long ago, now there's just one rule: corruption. So if you have dollars and a relaxed morality you could do here what's probably forbidden in your country: you could be corrupt and dishonest to the most without being judged. Here, corruption is at all levels of society, corruption is the norm". 

The above was a comment written at The Guardian by a Venezuelan who goes by the name Pebbleculture. 

I gave it some thought and decided it was the wrong advice, because Maduro´s Venezuela is so lawless and corrupt, only the toughest outfits should dare even think about investing in Venezuela as long as Maduro is the nominal dictator.

To do business with the Maduro regime one has to be short on morals and have very deep pockets. This is why the big players in Venezuela are Chevron, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Repsol, and other large multinationals. 

Photograph: Compañero Rafael Ramirez, PDVSA´s President, and Chevron´s Ali Moshiri shake hands after Chevron agrees to lend the regime $2 billion USD to pull their fat out of the fire. Source: sacramento.cbslocal.com. 

Photograph: Compañero Rafael Ramirez, PDVSA´s President announces financing  deals with Halliburton, Schlumberger and Weatherford in exchange for their expanded roles in Venezuela´s oil industry. Source: WorldNews, wn.com  

You see, multinationals have an advantage in this field. First, they are so big they get a lot of their own government´s support. Second, management is selected via a Darwinian process which allows quasi-psychopaths to rise to the top (there are very few exceptions, and they hide their human side to survive in the corporate boardrooms). 

Because these individuals lack total empathy for humanity and consider an investment only as a cash flow generator, they don´t consider the human factor at all. And this is why we see large companies making those billion dollar loans to the Maduro dictatorship,  knowing very well they are enabling a mountain of human rights abuses. 

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