We are Catalans

Translated from a Wasap thats going around:

We are the other Catalans: those who when we go to demonstrations behave as civilized people, who never put any flag on the balcony, we are quiet, tolerant, hardworking, peaceful, discreet and friends of our friends; we want to have health, love and work, like everyone else; we believe in family and personal effort and not in donation and subsidy to get things; we love peace and freedom. We abhor corruption, violence, abuse of power, manipulation and lies.

We are bilingual without complexes; we do zapping without problems for all the options and the film that we saw yesterday we no longer remember in which language we heard it (Catalan or Spanish).

We like sports and we also encourage Nadal, Ferrer, Lorenzo, Alonso, Barça, Spanish and the National Team, and it does not matter if the goal is scored by a Catalan or a Manchego when we compete for the European Cup or the World Cup. And out of respect we do not whistle the hymn of Spain or any other.

We are fed up with "procès" and politics in general with so much lies. We vote for the least bad or discarded candidates.

We hate those who foment phobias between territories, whatever their color, from here or elsewhere, to win four votes, keep the armchair and keep taking shares from everyone's account.

We do not believe that independence is the solution to all our problems: we are not so naive; we consider that confrontational politics and its leaders are precisely part of the problem.

Why is everything so uptight? Should not they all have to work to get us out of this crisis, to stop stories and not to confront each other? I think that many think so, but we are not seen or heard: we are the Others. And although they know that,  they are ignoring us for not thinking like them.

After the failure of the October 1 referendum there will be new regional elections. Inform everyone that we are part of the Others, tell your acquaintances, tell the undecided ones, those who think that this is not their concern, that depending on our vote in the future regional elections, Catalonia's fate hangs on the balance, that vote will decide if it remains the fiefdom of a few who base their discourse on hatred of the other peoples of Spain, the extremists who are indoctrinating our children in schools and spreading propaganda and lies in the autonomous TV channels and other means which they purchased with our tax money. Let us demand that the constitutionalists be above the interests of their parties and stop using public funds to peddle their hatred and supremacism. 

We will demonstrate to those who lead the process that we are Catalans and Spaniards. Let's show them that we have not believed the vile lie that "Espanya ens steals" when the only ones who have been robbing us are they, the ruling Mafia which steals our resources, our money, our pride and our dignity. We will tell them and the world that it is enough of signs of hatred, intransigencies and threats of sanctions for those who do not collaborate or think like them. We will stop this adventure that has only brought us and bring more economic and intellectual poverty and more crisis despite the promise of paradise.

Because we love Catalunya, because we love Spain, because we want to remain European, viva Catalunya!