Waziria´s President Obombo assures population Ebola is under control

The President of the Republic of Waziria, Patrice Obombo, has given assurances to the population that government measures to control Ebola are working fine.

President Obombo at press conference

At a press conference in Waziria´s capital, Kumbasi, President Obombo expressed hopes the epidemic would be under control within a year. He also explained the main problem was in Liberia, where Wazirian troops were already working shoulder to shoulder with volunteers from all countries to fight this terrible disease.

The following are some excerpts from his press conference:

"Let me begin by thanking my great friend, President Barak Obama  -- and his entire cabinet -- for making our fight against Ebola such a success. As you know, our measures are a copy of US protocols and Ebola response plans, which they have kindly agreed to provide us at no cost.  And I want to thank the volunteers from all nations, and especially those from the USA,  who are coming to Waziria on their vacations to work in our hospices and Ebola wards.

We’re at a time of testing.  The Ebola epidemic threatens our vision of a Waziria that is whole, free and at peace.  And I want to thank the outside help for giving us the resources and the volunteers to meet the Ebola challenge.

We must be resolute in reassuring our population everything is fine in spite of the 853 deaths we have suffered thus far.  We have provided for the USA and European visitors to provide two week rotations of additional volunteers in Eastern Waziria for as long as necessary. This has been arranged with the group of visitors from several dozen NGO´s and countries who arrived in Kumbasi yesterday. 

President Obombo with foreign visitors at 
a reception held in the Kumbasi Hilton gardens. 

And to ensure we are prepared for any contingency, we have a new Readiness Action Plan, to move toward investing 2 percent of GDP in national security.  These resources will help us  invest in critical capabilities, including land warfare and missile defense.  We will meet the challenges that we face in the 21st century by putting our priorities in the right place. The contingency plan also includes an urgent purchase order for 1000 hazmat outfits to be distributed to key government and military officers and their families.

President Obombo models the new Hazmat suit 
to be distributed to high ranking government officials. 

I also send  a strong message to Americans to thank the continuous flow of volunteers, and we pay tribute to all those who got sick from Ebola (as well as the others who will catch the disease from contaminated volunteers). Our thanks will also be expressed by building a “Monument to the American Ebola Patient” here in Kumbasi. 

Statue "The American Ebola Patient", carved
 by Waziri sculptor Emilio Scutongo

I will also rename Oyo´s  Lord Greystoke  National Hospital to “Barak Obama National Hospital” to thank the US president for sacrificing his people in our name. ¨

After a few additional remarks to discuss the Christian insurgency around Oyo, President Obombo put on his personal hazmat suit to show the new level of preparadness, and  led the media to a cow milking demonstration by an Ebola survivor (former Miss Waziria beauty pagent winner Miss Mbio Ewinka, who caught Ebola while visiting New York).  This was intended to lower the population´s fear that former Ebola patients may transmit the disease.

Former Miss Waziria milking cow to show she´s fine

Later in the day, President Obombo met with a group of newly arrived volunteers from Kansas, who will spend the next two weeks working in the Ebola wards at Oyo and Tamale. These two locations have been particularly hard hit and are running short of volunteers. 

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