Raúl Castro tells Maduro to get tough

So we see Maduro return and start a ruthless attack against the National Assembly, including the use of the fake Supreme Court justices to take down the opposition's veto proof majority. 

 I believe Maduro's disappearance from public view was caused by a visit to Cuba, to receive advice (orders?) from Raúl Castro and his Venezuela experts. 

To figure out Maduro's behavior you have to think of him as being guided by Cuban military and intelligence personnel coordinated by Raul's son, Alejandro "el Tuerto". Alejandro is said to be somewhat of a psychopath, with average intelligence, and raised as a princeling. I've met these new generation communist oligarchs, they truly resemble 15th century nobility. 

Alejandro Castro Rus, current head of Cuban 
dictatorship security and intelligence services

Unfortunately for Venezuelans, the information and suggestions Raúl is receiving from his people embedded in the Chavista regime are all filtered and shaped by Alejandro. My guess is that Raúl, Alejandro, and their nomenklatura feel they can have Maduro get away with anything. Why? Because Latin American, European, and other nations, and Obama, are being quite friendly towards their dictatorship in spite of its continuous human rights abuses. 


Venezuela is in crisis lets watch Star Wars

I haven't been writing much because I got distracted by the hoopla about the Star Wars release, the Miss Universe screw up, the Spanish elections, and what's going on in Venezuela since the United opposition won the National Assembly elections on December 6 by a huge landslide.

Above is  the obligatory Star Wars picture 
(Han Solo, Chewbaca, Obi One Kanobi, and Luke). 

The English language media doesn't cover Venezuela very well. Some articles leave huge gaps, others give half truths, some lie, etc. so let me summarize: 

The election campaign was dirty, unfair, and riddled with electoral violations orchestrated by the regime, led by Chavez' heir, Nicolas Maduro, and the National Assembly president, Diosdado Cabello. 
Maduro and Cabello in better days. 
Note the odd raised RIGHT fist salute. 

Their candidates ran under the United Socialist Party banner (PSUV in Spanish). Their symbol on the ballot was the devilish looking "Chavez' eyes", which they have plastered all over Venezuela. Those eyes are creepy, they hint at big-brother-is-watching and the-devil.


What do I think about the IPCC?

Got it... Let's see: 

1. Sometime around 2007, an obscure committee decides to create four emissions pathways for CMIP5 (the IPCC's climate model intercomparison project number five). The most extreme forcing is 8.5 watts per m2, known as RCP8.5

2. A team is asked to assemble an IAM (Integrated Assessment Model) to deliver emissions forecasts,  which yield the specified 8.5 watts/m2 the committee wanted).  To achieve the target 8.5 they create a dystopian vision of the future. I read it includes assumptions like Nigeria with a population over 1 billion burning coal like there's no tomorrow - even though temperatures increase over 3 degrees C and everything is falling apart. They also burn oil and natural gas at rates we can't produce simply because the reserves aren't there. Even then they can't achieve the target, so they introduce huge amounts of methane into the atmosphere.  This dystopia is simply irrational. But they have to achieve the 8.5, so screw it, anything goes. 

3. Sometime in 2013 we start seeing references to this dystopia as "Business as usual". BAU. The first mention I see is by an IPCC official at a press conference (this is what perked my ears and made me start digging into the whole mess). 

4. Thousands of papers, tens of thousands of articles, and hundreds of thousands of comments begin to use this BAU case as a the basis for projected impacts. This dystopia is the foundation for the climate hysteria movement. The hysteria Obama says 97 % of scientists think is justified. 

5. The economic analyses used to justify the cockamamie actions advocated by the IPCC (also advocated by Obama, the EU and the Pope) use RCP 8.5 dystopia as the "alternate reality" to the "de carbonized" world they create in their models. 

I conclude this is one of the biggest scientific AND political frauds ever committed. It needs to be documented properly, and the world must be informed of this monstrous deceit. 

The aftermath as of right now: 

.....as the COP21 dust settles, we see the imbeciles leading the EU saying the same IPCC, which has shown itself to be shoddy, unprofessional, and fraudulent, is supposed to tell us how to limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees C above "preindustrial". So they scam the world and now they get to tell us what we are supposed to do....


What do I think about Paris COP21?

The following is a brief summary of my thoughts after the Paris Climate Change meeting: 
Global warming is real, some of it is caused by CO2, today’s temperature is about. 0.85 degrees C above pre industrial, the warming we have experienced thus far is beneficial, and will likely be positive until 2100, efforts to cut emissions are poorly thought, the 1.5 degree target isn’t supported by anything, the way the RCP8.5 is used amounts to large scale fraud, geoengineering requires much more research.

And climate change is now a vehicle or Trojan horse used by the left to peddle a radical vision of a top down, centrally planned and controlled communist world. 


President Obombo at the Climate Change Conference

President Obombo of Waziria is in Paris! 

Waziria's President Patrice Obombo gave a short speech on French TV last week as he arrived in Paris for the COP21 climate meeting. 

President Obombo leads the "Small African 16", a group of African nations advocating a mixed government and private intervention in their economies to reduce the rate of growth of their CO2 emissions. 

Transcript follows: 

We have arrived in Paris, coming to the meeting of the heads of state, which as you know is a political meeting. We aim to lever climate change to make important changes  in Waziria's economy, and of course the economies of our brotherly "Small African 16" nations. 

We will have people at the climate change conference as well, because it will serve as the platform for these political and economic changes. We aim to have this conference give us a binding agreement, and it will say climate change is a killer of terrible proportions. 

We need to agree...that for us to save humanity, we need to move together. This means the rich nations will have to set aside their self interest. They need to think globally. We hope the outcome will be satisfactory to the citizens of the world. 

This conference should not go according to the desires of rich nations. They should remember they owe us for the quality of the  air they breathe. They can't walk away without a firm commitment to share their money. If they do, we will be headed for the end of humanity. 


The Global Warming Rap

Yo! May I have your attention please? 
Yo, yo have one shot, one opportunity
I'm not afraid (I'm not afraid)
To take a stand (to take a stand)

Everybody! (everybody!)
Come take my head (come take my head)
We'll walk through the Valley together, through the storm
Whatever weather, hot or warm

His feet are wet, lungs hot, ears are slick
There's food on his hat already, friend's pizza
He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready to take a stand,
But he keeps on forgetting he wrote two degrees

The whole world's cooking
Everybody keeps looking
He keeps on  forgetting 
Why he wrote two degrees 

And here I am, denier
If I wasn't, then why would I say I am?
In the paper, the news everyday I am
Radio won't even play my jam
'Cause here I am, denier
If I wasn't, then why would I say I am?
In the paper, the news everyday I am
I don't know it's just the way I am

You better donate money
You own it, you better let it go
You only get one shot, don't miss your chance to take a stand
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo


Syria explained in a Twitter document

I lifted this text from a Twitter message posted by somebody who got it from somebody else's Facebook page.  It explains what happened in Syria to this point in time:


Secret recording of "The Guardian" editor and reporter

The following is a partial transcript of a security agency recording made at The Guardian newspaper offices in Manchester. It was in a hard drive lifted from the MI6 by a guy who works for the Polish Weather Service. 

Transcript Part 1. Voices identified as Jaime Demelon, editor (JD) and Scott "the Napster" Barret (Napster) a freelance journalist. 

...sound of chairs dragged on floor....papers being rustled....cough...

(JD) so, it's important you know I don't want to influence how you do your story

(Napster) I got it 

(JD) what do you have in mind? 

(Napster) I was thinking about a climate story with a scary angle. Giant hailstones. 

(JD) Giant hailstones? Aren't those frozen? 

(Napster) sure, hailstones are frozen rain. Giant hailstones are bowling ball sized chunks, they are deadly. This guy I know at East Anglia says he managed to trick his climate model to make giant hailstones. They cause a lot of damage. An outstanding catastrophic outcome from climate change. 

(JD) did he publish it in a peer reviewed climate journal? That's very important. This material will sell much better if we can say it was peer reviewed. 

(Napster) that's covered, the peer review at "Nature Climate Change" is finished, they really liked the story line, and the graphics are terrific. It's going for publication before Paris. 

(JD) giant hailstones. I like that. How many does it say will die? 

(Napster) about 5000 per year if we follow the Business as Usual case.


What do I think about Paris?

I have been reading and pondering about Paris for a while. This subject is controversial, everybody is pissed off, all sides are full of hate mongering nuts, and I really don't want anybody to hate me. 

Paris is still there. 

The refugees have become a controversial topic. The uncontrolled flow of hundreds of thousands of "refugees" into the EU allows the entry of terrorists who hide in that multitude. This is a fact. And this uncomfortable fact creates serious divisions between groups, ranging from the good hearted idealists who think free for all inmigration is the way to go, to pragmatists like me who understand the danger but support carefully controlled inmigration, and on to  the nativists who don't want any inmigration at all. 

We don't know how many terrorists have been introduced or will be introduced in the future. If terrorist organizations want to send 500 hard core suicidal terrorists, they only have to hide one in one thousand. If 400 of those terrorists can activate and cause 15 dead and 30 wounded, we are looking at 6000 killed and 12000 wounded as a result of the current "Merkel-Hollande-Obama" policy. I think this figure can be cut in half if the refugee flow is restricted. More reductions are feasible if military action can end ISIS control over portions of Syrian and Iraqi territory. 

This particular genie was seeded by the USA invasion of Iraq and the subsequent creation of a corrupt and human rights abusing Iraqi regime by the Bush administration.

Terrorist acts by Islamists are likely to be a recurrent problem into the future. They'll also serve as an excuse to restrict individual freedom. The solution will require integration of Muslims into society. Effective integration will require the end of Muslim fundamentalism in Western societies. It will also require the end of the Saudi regime, which in turn will require the end of dependence on Saudi oil. And it will require peace between Israeli Zionists and Palestinians. This will likely take several decades...

The ISIS genie is the result of history. We can't really blame Bush for WWI and the partition of the Ottoman empire.  The list of culprits goes around the block over and over and over. The  ISIS genie was let out of the bottle by Obama, Hollande, Merkel,  and others when they fueled an endless Syrian civil war. I realize most politicians are somewhat stupid, but these guys have been outstandingly dumb. Only the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz-Rice combine has done a worse job. And this means it's likely the US Republicans won't do a better job.

The shit hit the fan, our dear leaders are likely to make this an endless war, we will lose our liberties, and that's all I have to say about Paris. 


The real reason for the war in Kosovo

"Why did NATO suddenly decide to do this? Why defend Kosovo Albanians?"

These were the questions asked by a friend in 1999, when NATO bombed Yugoslavia to forc it to sign the agreement that allowed the organization to turn Kosovo, a province of Serbia (then part of Yugoslavia) in a US protectorate and EU. 

My answer, written in 1999 after the end of the bombing was:

I've been worried about the Kosovo crisis like you, and I want to use you as a judge of a thesis I am developing. My position is based on the information extracted from the US State Department, Stratfor, the Library of Congress, the UN, NATO, the press, and other sources.

Justification for War

To justify the war, Clinton and Blair sold to the public the idea that the NATO intervention in Kosovo was intended to rescue the Albanian population of that region. They had to save this Muslim population (almost one million people) from a genocidal campaign conducted by Christian Serbs.  They also said they wanted to offer a measure of autonomy to Kosovo, and pledged that the rights of the Christian minority in Kosovo would be protected.

The problem, as I see it, is that genocide did not occur, was just an excuse, and NATO actions precipitated the result that Clinton and Blair said they wanted to avoid.

The initial strategy fails

Clinton also made a mistake when he assured the US public neither army troops nor marines would be used. Clinton thought that the bombs would do the trick. But Milosevic, knowing that troops were not on the game board, thought the NATO bombing would end when they realized that the Serbs were unwilling to surrender. Both sides miscalculated.

The bombardment began, the Serbs did not give up. They never even remotely thought of allowing control of Kosovo by NATO. Instead, they took revenge on the Albanians. They began the forced expulsion of the population in late March and early April after the bombing began. Albanians were injured, killed and abused. Hundreds of thousands of people were forced to flee their homes. Milosevic, with the full support of the Serbian people, was telling NATO go to hell.

Why the Serbs did not give up

NATO did not understand that the Serbs would resist, because Kosovo was, and still is, an integral part of their nation. Kosovo was carved from Serbia using brute force. Today the Serbs are a minority in Kosovo because the Albanians immigrants have taken over the region. However, the Serbs still believe that Kosovo is theirs, and that they are the victims of Albanian aggression. They think they made a mistake when they allowed their numbers decrease in Kosovo, while the Albanian Muslims increased their numbers to become the majority.

The NATO war crime

Failing the initial plan, General Wesley Clark came up with the idea of ​​bombing "military" targets located within areas full of civilians. Clinton and Blair, knowing that the new plan was to kill large numbers of innocent people,  approved the idea to bomb government buildings full of civilians and / or located in densely populated areas.

Marco Rubio, presidential candidate

Born in Miami, Florida in 1971, Rubio is the son of Cuban immigrants. After earning a bachelor's degree from the University of Florida in 1993, he went to the University of Miami for his law degree. Rubio's political career began with his election to the West Miami City Commission in 1998. He was elected in the Florida House of Representatives the following year. In 2009, Rubio won his campaign for the U.S. Senate.

Both of his parents worked hard to support the family. His father spent years as a bartender. 
Rubio became interested in public service early on. He has told the press, "I gained an interest in politics and history from my uncle Fernando, who would teach me about everything: Etruscan history, how to build a Mongol bow, Talmudic law and Zionism, quantum gravity, making ham and cheese sandwiches, and electoral strategy".


The UN General Assembly and the Castro dictatorship

People like to say USA economic sanctions on the Castro dictatorship should end because they don't work, or because the USA lacks the moral standing to criticize and punish human rights abusers. 

I started out to write about the United Nations' yearly vote condemning the economic sanctions, to argue that a vote should be held condemning the dictatorship. But then I realized the UN isn't too focused on freedom of the individual. It's a nations' club, focused on what's good for each nation's ruling class. And this means the UN will never vote to condemn the Castro family dictatorship. 

The actions taken by any power, including the USA, to condemn or punish the Castro dictatorship will be driven by the Cuban people, be It Cubans living abroad or in Cuba, and their allies. This is a war, but the sides are both Cuban. 

Yoani Sanchez, blogger for freedom

The senile dinosaur, Fidel Castro 

One side is the dictatorship, the military and communist party oligarchs, allied with corporate interests and the international left.


Buena Vista Social Club plays for Obama

On October 15, 2015, the Cuban band "Buena Vista Social Club" played for President Obama at the White House. The band included Omara Portuondo, seen in this photograph holding the microphone: 

As we know, President Obama has been quite proactive trying to establish a close relationship with the Castro family dictatorship. At first I thought he intended to establish diplomatic relations (which is fine, the USA has diplomatic relations with lots of fairly hostile nations which abuse human rights).  But Obama is going beyond having relations and is actively endorsing the Castro regime, and its past and continuous human rights abuses with a series of very poor moves. This includes decrees to gut economic sanctions, as well as very chummy photo ops with Raúl Castro: 

                                                Raul Castro  with Barack Obama 

I bring up the White House event because Portuondo happens to be one of the "high profile" individuals who signed an open letter supporting the Black Spring in Cuba (this refers to a wave of arrests carried out in 2003, while the world was distracted by the US blunder in Iraq). Portuondo is seen as a high profile defender of that garbage regime, there was no need whatsoever to put her up in the White House, period. Doing that on top of those chummy loving looks  amounts to a "f**k you" to the hundreds of thousands of people robbed, jailed, tortured, exiled, murdered, and destroyed by the dictatorship. 

Laura Pollan with the Ladies in White


Article by Yoani Sanchez about Laura Pollan, the deceased leader of the Ladies in White (winners of the 2005 Sakharov Prize)

Buena Vista Social Club visit

The black spring

The letter Portuondo signed


My personal pledge to reduce my emissions

I hear the UN is having a meeting in Paris, something they call COP21 run by the UNFCC, with IPCC, WMO, and SMERSH consultants. The meeting has been going well, most nations  pledged to reduce their emissions. This included large CO2 polluters like China, India, the EU, and the United States of Obama. 

Trying to figure out the climate mess is complicated 

However, although the meals are great and the side shows very entertaining, the 200 nations participating in this conference can't agree on the punishments the UN will use to enforce the CO2 emissions. This is seen as a top priority by meeting leadership (Christiana Figueres, and a French guy sent by President Hollande to represent him). 

Christiana Figueres, a professional UN bureaucrat, former Costa Rican embassy secretary who graduated from Wellesley in Renaissance Poetry, has given up on her knowledge of science to convince participants they need to give the UN much more power, to punish each of them individually, if they emit too much CO2.

 She is so frustrated she seems to be advocating Chinese style dictatorship, which she feels offers a better system to give the world cleaner air and redistribute income (I guess she didn't get the memo that China is now run by ruthless capitalists and has more billionaires than the USA?). 

Therefore, whereas the nations of the world aren't likely to agree on anything practical, and whereas we need to reduce greenhouse emissions, I hereby pledge to reduce my personal emission from my "business as usual" case, by taking the following steps: 

1. I will not heat my swimming pool, the plans to install the pool heaters in 2018 is hereby cancelled. Instead I will use the heated pool at the club. 

2. I will reduce the private jet travel by 50 %, travel business class on trips shorter than four hours.

3. I will drive a manual transmission diesel engine powered BMW. 

4. I will end all of my personal methane emissions by 2100.

Note: my Business as Usual case assumes I own a home with a 25 meter heated swimming pool, ride my personal jet 30 times a year, drive a 2005 Hummer, and live an additional 87 years. 


Four unusual child custody cases

Case #1. Taken from Wikipedia. 
In June 1858, police arrived at the Bologna home of a Jewish couple, Salomone and Marianna Padovani Mortara, to take one of their eight children, six-year-old Edgardo, and transport him to Rome to be raised as a ward of the state. The police had orders from the Catholic Church's Holy Office, authorized by Pope Pius IX. 

"The Kidnapping of Edgardo Montara" 
by Moritz Daniel Oppenheimer 
In those days, the city of Bologna was ruled by the pope. Under church law, baptism may be administered to a person in danger of imminent death by anyone, man or woman, even a non-Christian, and is considered a valid baptism as long as it is done in the manner in which the Catholic Church baptizes. Originally intended as a relief for Catholic families suffering high infant mortality rates, it had not been intended to be used for Jewish families. This rule allowed anyone to perform emergency baptism so the infant would not die unbaptised. Its use in the case of very ill Jewish children was accepted by the Christian population.
As it turned out, six year old Edgardo had been baptized by a servant without his parents' consent. After he was baptized, as attested by the girl, he was Catholic in accordance with Church law.  This law said non-Christians could not raise a Christian child even if the child was their own.

Note: I read Steven Spielberg is working on a movie about this case. 
Case #4. Inserted here because it's a new case, about a mother who may lose her four children, who can stay in Australia as she's deported back to Venezuela.


Case #2.  Taken from PBS and my own memory.
In November 1999 two Florida fishermen found a six year old boy, Elian Gonzalez,  on a raft floating offshore some 60 miles north of Miami. Elian had been brought aboard the raft by his divorced mother, who died during the trip together with all the other adults. 


Climate Models are very large Qberts

Climate models are like the old children's video game, Qbert (see Figure 1). I learned this secret after watching climate videos and looking up stuff on the Internet. 

Figure 1. Qbert grid. The little figures jump 
back and forth from cube to cube. 

Climate model developers lack my external perspective. And I have an advantage over them: I observed, and was victimized by*, the evolution of oil reservoir models over the last 40 years. As it turns out, oil reservoir models are simpler versions of climate models. Lately they look like the picture in Figure 2. 

Figure 2. Oil reservoir model. This diagram 
shows a fine grid depicting geology and 
geometry, the little lines are the wells.

Oil reservoir models are much simpler than their climate counterparts, but they both share the same basic architecture: climate models are like a multilayered bunch of flat dominoes wrapped around a spinning sphere. So it's hard to draw one.


Letter to Daniel

The problem remains the inability of the middle class to understand that total ruin and destruction are inevitable when communists gain power. So the choice you face is reaching absolute misery and despair in the future, or taking a risk and facing more danger now in exchange for a possible way out. 

The only way out is to stop economic activity and hunker down, be willing to die at the end. There's a chance the total lack of economic activity will convince a faction within the Maduro dictatorship to dump him and change course. 

Peaceful protests don't work against a 
regime willing to use shock troops (the
 colectivos), national guard, secret police 
shooters, arbitrary arrests, torture and 
murder as needed to hold on to power. 

The inability to move in this direction keeps you on a conveyor belt that takes you down as you try to crawl up. This applies to the majority of Venezuelans, who don't understand the conveyor belt isn't about to stop, and efforts to crawl up that belt won't move you fast enough. The communists rely on your ignorance of their true intentions and the outcome they visualize. What's even worse what they visualize is utopian, based on resentment and hatred, and/or complete disregard for human rights. 

As long as you don't understand you face 
monsters you won't act. And when 
you act it's too late, or you are not united. 

This is what I saw many years ago. At that time I warned Venezuelans I knew to get out, because I didn't see in them the fighting spirit nor the awareness of the enemy they face. Right now getting out of Venezuela is much harder than six years ago, and six years ago it was harder than 12 years ago. So imagine what it will be like 6 years from now. In other words, I hate to be so brutally honest, but in six years those of you who remain will wish you were dead unless you fight for your freedom now. This is your last chance. Otherwise, leave.


A town where cattle are worth more than people

The minister has arrived. The motorcade fills the unpaved street. Policemen who were slumbering in the early autumn midday heat stir, straighten, then spring into action, clearing the way with their canes for this most important visitor. Mahesh Sharma, India’s minister of culture, is preceded by a small aide in a purple shirt and followed by a large grey-suited bodyguard.
Sharma has come to “condole” the family of Mohammed Akhlaq, a 50-year-old labourer beaten to death by a mob in his small two-storey home in the centre of Bishara village, about an hour’s drive beyond the outskirts of Delhi, India’s capital, last Monday night.
The mob that killed him believed that Akhlaq and his family, who are Muslim, had eaten meat from a cow, an animal considered sacred by the 80% of the Indian population who follow the Hindu faith.
Happy cow
 Akhlaq and his son were dragged from their beds and beaten with bricks. The father died; the son is fighting for his life in hospital.


President Obombo demands Cuban Prisoner release

Waziria's President Patrice Obombo demanded the release of Cuban prisoner of conscience Danilo Maldonado, known as "El Sexto".

President Obombo speaking at the UN General Assembly in NY 

President Obombo opened his speech with his customary words thanking his Wazirian followers, his parents, and his family, for their support. Rather than moving on immediately to the global warming topic, which he covered later, the President offered these short words of support for "El Sexto": 

"Cuban artist Danilo Maldonado Machado has been on hunger strike since 8 September to protest his detention without trial in Cuba. He was detained in December 2014 and is accused of “contempt”. Amnesty International considers him a prisoner of conscience, imprisoned solely for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of expression. 

My conscience demands that I mention this case as an emblem of the two faced nature of international politics. This week we will talk a lot about ending poverty, but we will ignore human rights abuses, torture, and murder by entrenched dictatorships and autocracies. 

I realize I can be accused of coddling dictators after I made a move to establish relations with the Cabo Caballo dictatorship. Given their behavior to date I feel I made a mistake. I'm calling for this young man's release as a symbol of our future commitment to end human rights abuses. 

And I'd like to use this opportunity to remind Cuba's dictator, Raul Castro, that his problems with the USA don't give him an excuse to treat the Cuban people as if they were his personal slaves". 


Illegal versus legal immigration

Over the last 20 years or so we have seen a blurring of the lines which differentiate between illegal aliens and legal immigrants or foreign residents.  Politicians and the media have blurred the line, probably to confuse voters and have them support their objectives and  policies. 

Illegal immigrants entering the USA. 

It's evident to me that illegal immigration harms the nation as a whole. If the country feels it requires immigration then it should be legal immigration, and those who do receive the resident visa should be screened for security, health, and utility reasons. 

However, a simple model shows illegal immigration, or legal immigration which emphasizes low skill immigrants, tends to increase poverty and inequality. The illegal low skill immigrants compete for low skill jobs,  they help employers keep the total low skill worker population pool as a low pay underclass. Thus immigration has to be calibrated to avoid the oversupply of workers at the bottom.

Republican elites  will encourage illegal immigration because it does help their businesses and profits. They understand very well how this works, and they have absolutely no problem putting a Mexican illegal worker to work in the USA on a job competing with a Chinese counterpart working in China, a Chinese worker who is in turn exploited by a heartless "communist" dictatorship practicing their hybrid communist/neofascist heartless capitalism. 

Democrats, on the other hand, like to emphasize massive illegal immigration (if they can they'll make it legal) because illegal immigration is mostly made up of low educational level, underfed, low IQ males originating in the poorest sectors in Mexico and Central America. What the USA gets isn't even representative of the average person in those countries, they are getting a skewed sample: the more adventuresome, and desperate,  coming out of very violent and extremely poor regions. 

The answer as I see it is to have legal immigration, and design the entry process to allow people who help long term. This means immigration should involve a crime free, healthy, relatively young, smart, hard working, and compatible people. I couldn't care less about their color or religion, but they do need to bring value.


Pope Francis and Catholic theology

What does Pope Francis believe about God, Jesus, religion in general? 
My analysis shows the belief involves a Trinity, which includes the Son. This Son has a divine nature, was there in the beginning, at the moment of creation (see John's Gospel). The man Jesus was the Son incarnated as a Homo sapiens specimen, who chose to be born in such conditions to be able to carry a message to humanity, and sacrifice the Homo sapiens body in a gesture to gain salvation for all humanity. 

The "Jesus message" had Marxist elements (share what you have being the key one). It also advocated a spineless political posture (no mention of seeking freedom from slavery or servitude, a permissive attitude towards torture by government authorities). It also seemed to promise a quick trip to heaven for all of humanity (salvation is near, die and go to heaven if you have faith, if you don't you'll be burned). 
Thus, the Pope believes a baby was born, a baby whose  soul had volunteered or willed itself to be born in Nazareth. 
The baby's parents' socioeconomic status was irrelevant given the presents brought by the Three Wise Men and the baby's divine nature. Evidently, this divine Jesus had whatever status it wished to have upon arrival in the flesh. No roof, humble roof, middle class roof, deluxe solid gold roof if it wished. 
The Pope also believes the College of Cardinals elected him to be Pope (head of government of the Holy See) because he had an unique connection with said Trinity. And he seems to believe the "Jesus message" and most of the traditional Catholic theology (saints, help the poor, no women priests, forget abortion, reproduce until Homo sapiens population reaches an unknown upper limit). He also seems to have a bit of bias: Francis won't consider the plight of prisoners in Castro's jails, but has a very keen desire to visit jails in other countries). 


The Pope and the Castro Dinasty

If the Castro family dictatorship thrives with the help of the Peronist pope, the future of the Cuban  people will be very ugly. 

Pope receiving gift from Evo Morales:
Jesus nailed to the hammer and sickle. 

Raul Castro and his eldest son Alejandro want a hereditary military dictatorship with neofascist features. 

Raúl Castro's heir, Alejandro, who today 
heads all the state security services. 

If the Catholic church takes the side of the dictatorship, Cuba will be similar, but much worse,  to Spain under the fascist Franco.

Pope Francis appears  to be endorsing 
the dictatorship' human rights abuses. 

I don't think the pope will have much credibility if he limits himself to preaching religion and his communist political beliefs, because many Cubans know communism is a terrible system, and they are atheists,  or take religion as a menu from which they grab what suits them.


German boat builder opens factory in Lybia

Deutsch VolksFloß (German Popular Raft) Corporation, whose rafts are very popular  with "migration facilitators" operating in Northern Africa and Turkey, has announced the opening of a raft factory in Benghazi, Lybia.

Deutsch VolksFloß (German Popular Raft)
 Corporation raft crossing the Mediterranean 
fully loaded with 70 immigrants.  

According to senior Vice President Angela Münchausen, the factory will have three production lines: 

Model S, a twin engine 20 seat model able to cross the Mediterranean in 24 hours.

Model M, a triple engine 40 seat model designed to cross the Mediterranean in 30 hours. The Model M includes two portable toilets and a mast the passengers can use to hang flags asking for help. 

Model L, a four engine 70 seat model designed to cross the Mediterranean in 36 hours. The Model L includes three portable toilets, a larger mast,  a radar transponder, and a small three meter skiff, which the crew can use to lead the raft to a safe European beach (this is Plan B, should European Union ships be too busy to pull them aboard before they reach Europe). 

Deutsch VolksFloß has also created an "easy finance" plan for travel agencies and inmigration facilitators, but this financing is limited to Albanian and Rumanian entities able to prove the financial strength to repay the loan. They also arranged for raft owners to ship the boat engines from Europe via UPS, to be credited and reused in future raft purchasers.


An example of watermelon tactics

A "watermelon" is a nominal environmentalist who uses a "green" agenda to push a left wing and/or special interest agenda. 

Today, Global Warming is used as a Trojan Horse to advocate radical left wing policies. The changes in the former USSR, Eastern Europe, China, and other nations prove conclusively that Marxism/communism is a terrible idea, induces poverty and human rights violations, encourages dictatorship, and will spread whenever it's given a chance. 

However, in spite of their failures and terrible record, the radical left hasn't abandoned their ideas. They realize communism doesn't sell very well, so today they use populism, and pseudo-environmentalism to try to achieve their goals. 

An example of the way a seemingly innocent agenda is subverted is the UN Development Program's global warming agenda and tactics, including its "Climate Change StoryTelling Contest". In their own words:
 "UNDP story telling contest on climate change aims to contribute to raising public awareness on the negative impacts of climate change on people and communities as well as on the opportunities and solutions seen in actions by individuals and governments in vulnerable developing countries.

The contest provides young journalists in developing countries a unique opportunity to contribute to the global debate on climate change in the run-up to COP21, while building their capacity, and providing recognition for excellence. Authors of the top two stories will be funded to attend and cover COP21.
Stories, once screened, scored and published on UNDP’s website, will be disseminated through partners’ channels to ensure maximum outreach and exposure. A common hashtag – #Voices2Paris – will facilitate social media integration by all partners, helping to amplify the dissemination. All materials are creative commons, encouraging further media outlets and people everywhere to make maximum use of the stories told and photos gathered."
As we seem the UNDP contest rewards young journalists with a trip to Paris, and widespread exposure if they write the appropriate climate change propaganda.  UNDP is also receiving financial aid from organizations such as Oxfam, whose agenda is set out in their own statement: 
"Oxfam will support the Voice2Paris global storytelling contest launched in August by the United National Development Programme (UNDP) by providing three additional fellowships for participating journalists to cover the UN Conference on Climate Change, COP21, in Paris in December. Oxfam’s contribution to the contest aims at encouraging journalists’ participation in climate change reporting and raising public awareness of climate actions. 

“The contest is a fantastic opportunity to create awareness of the harmful impacts of climate change on communities, and of potential opportunities in climate-vulnerable developing countries. This is also a great opportunity for young journalists to strengthen their perception of climate change and to frame it not merely as an environmental issue but also as an issue of social justice and poverty alleviation” said Wang Binbin, Manager of the Climate Change and Poverty Team, Oxfam Hong Kong."
The radical watermelon agenda is also pushed from within the USA and EU governments. For  example, here's a quote from John Holdren, President Obama's "Science Advisor" (from his book “Ecoscience: Population, Resources, and Environment”):  
“...organized evasive action: population control, limitation of material consumption, redistribution of wealth, transitions to technologies that are environmentally and socially less disruptive than today’s, and movement toward some kind of world government”


Waziria's President Obombo closes border

This summer's heavy Syrian and Afghan "unauthorized inmigrant" influx led Waziria's Pressident Patrice Obombo to order the full closure of his country's border with neighboring Cameroon. 

President Obombo announced this measure during his weekly TV show on national TV, "Hitting with the hammer", originally devoted to discuss the construction progress of Kumbasi's new World Bank financed solar powered water heater.

 The president's brief remarks were followed by a video clip of his visit to the border region together with senior Wazirian military officials, who have ordered the Wazirian army to stop all traffic until a new set of fences can be built to allow funneling all border crossings to immigration control points manned by the Interior Ministry OMON militias. 

President Obombo announces border closure 
to stop unauthorized inmigrant invasion 

 Interior Minister Julius Merkel, who had historically supported Waziria's generous benefits program for unauthorized immigrants from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, followed the president's speech with a short speech of his own, in which he acknowledged his policy had failed, because it was so generous it had gradually increased the flow of foreigners crossing into Waziria from Cameroon. 

"I must confess I never expected the number of Syrians and Iraqis coming into Waziria would increase at an exponential rate" he moaned, "the Cameroon government takes them at their NE border, puts them in army trucks, and dumps them on our border, where they cross freely due to the lack of barriers or personnel to stop them". He clarified that he never expected the Syrian, Iraq, and Afghan conflicts to last so many years, and reflected "evidently, if I had known about this exponential growth equation, and the way the USA would encourage civil wars to let them fester for decades, I would have been less inclined to implement my "refugees welcome" scheme". 

Meanwhile, President Obombo's main political rival, Senator Bala, held a press conference in which he remarked: "It's a shame that neither Obombo nor Interior Minister Merkel were familiar with the exponential growth equation, nor with the simple concept that people living in poor countries will flood into rich countries offering generous benefits and jobs. My own proposal, to allow carefully controlled inmigration from Togo and Burkina Faso, our poor neighbors, was ignored by Obombo after he was pressured by Julius Merkel. This was all cheap politics to please Merkel's "Watermelon" political faction. Now, thanks to their carelessness, we allowed 350 thousand uncontrolled immigrants to enter Waziria in the last three years, and another 500 thousand are in transit, many helped by smugglers and terrorist organizations".

 The inmigrant crisis has caused a deep split within president Obombo's political party, and strengthened Senator Bala's "Waziria is our home" nationalist forces, who are now going happily from home to home distributing flyers showing their border fence plans and protesting at mosque and madrasah construction sites. 

Border fence model advocated by the opposition's nationalist faction.


If President Maduro dies...

Venezuela's Executive Vice President, Jorge Arreaza, will take over the presidency if President Nicolás Maduro dies.

Executive VP Jorge Arreaza giving 
the Chavista double index finger 

This post isn't intended to advocate Maduro's death, but current events signal that Maduro's life could be hanging from a thin thread if Raul Castro decides he's had enough of Maduro's stupid behavior (Maduro's personal security is provided by Cuban bodyguards who belong to the Castros' intelligence services, led by Raul's son and heir, Alejandro). 

Since taking over as acting president, in December 2012, Maduro has managed to shatter Venezuela's economy, increased human rights abuses, allowed crime and corruption to worsen beyond the terrible conditions left behind by Chávez....

Maduro's terrible performance caused a huge drop in his poll ratings (less than 25 % approval),    In recent weeks he has created a conflict with neighboring Colombia, apparently in an effort to create emergency conditions which will allow him to suspend Venezuelans' few remaining civil rights. I've heard Colombia's president Santos is very worried, thinks Maduro is expelling and terrorizing Colombian citizens who reside in Venezuela to inflame a conflict between the two nations. 

Colombians forced to flee Venezuela being helped 
by Colombian Army soldiers to cross a river by foot. 

A couple of days ago Arreaza showed up at the border and said the Venezuelan government was getting tired of Colombia's free market policies, and their lack of action to stop smuggling of gasoline and packaged subsidized food from Venezuela. He said he applauded Maduro's orders to close the border crossings and mobilize thousands of Army soldiers to the region. 

But does he? Arreaza got his VP post because he's married to Chavez' second daughter, Maria Virginia. Other than marrying into the Royal family he lacks the military background, or connections to go that high. But he's not as stupid as the other top Chavistas. Most of his statements amount to butt kissing and communist sloganeering, but he must be doing it to stay on Maduro's good side. And Raul Castro knows that. 

So what is Raul going to do if Maduro is freelancing and starts a shooting conflict with Colombia? I suspect he's gong to have his men, Maduro's bodyguards, put a Mickey in Maduro's drink to give him the mother of heart attacks, and have Jorge Arreaza take over as President. This will give the Castro family dictatorship a breather, because Arreaza may pull Chavismo out of the hole it fell in when Maduro took over that mafia. And Arreaza will know who moved the pieces to make him president. 

The only question in my mind is whether the Venezuelan military will accept another civilian in the presidency,  who may try to end their involvement in gasoline and food smuggling to Colombia, as well as in the cocaine trade run by the so called Cartel de Los Soles in alliance with the Colombian communist guerrillas, the FARC? Who will win that struggle? The Castro intelligence services operating in Venezuela, or the Venezuelan  narco generals?