Dark Matter

On April 20th, my friend Mr C.I. Pig (Capitalist Imperialist Pig) answered my lack of belief in Dark Matter with the comment that “Dark matter….it's pretty solid”. Then he went on to explain the four things he thinks can be explained if one believes in Dark Matter. But he added “Of course we don't know what dark matter really is, but Newton admitted that he didn't know what gravity was either. And we might discover what dark matter is fairly soon - or not.”

I´m not about to convert the six of you who will read this, but C.I. Pig´s words just didn´t sound convincing. So he got pissed off  (sort of) because I think Dark Matter doesn´t exist, and there are other ways to explain what´s going on.  C.I. Pig went on to write about how he wanted to write video games and that if I wanted to speculate about physics I needed to study math and develop a fully recognizable set of equations like these:

Matt Damon writing genius math equations 

To be honest, I got my idea about the way it works when I was watching whales jump out of the water offshore Congo. Congo was a great place to stare at things and think about the way they worked. For example, I remember the time I went to the beach near the border between Congo and Gabon. I was there invited by a friend who brought along a guard. I wish I could say I remember the beach, but I don´t. I remember the guy´s toes sticking out his boots. You see, his feet were so big, he had cut out the boot ends and his toes came out, all spread apart, as if he were trying to show off.


Making sense of Climate Science

A course at Kumbasi´s prestigious “Lord Greystoke Institute”, brought to you by the Ministry of Sciency of the Republic of Waziria.

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About this course

In public discussions, climate change is a highly controversial topic.  Politicians and the media like to repeat that 97% of climate scientists think humans are causing some global warming. But as Christopher Monckton of Brenchley wrote, “That is the argumentum ad verecundiam, or appeal-to-authority fallacy”.

Why is there a  significant gap between the  public perception and reality?

Public perception can be driven by photos like
 this (Houston after  hurricane Allison in 2001)

Reality is more like this (Houston when
 there´s no hurricane weather)

What are the psychological and social drivers of the drive by a (mostly left wing) activist crowd to tout an ill-defined “scientific consensus”?

Why did they create the term  “climate denial”?

This course examines the science of climate science hysteria and propaganda techniques. It helps you discern the tricks of the trade, understand the spooky graphs (such as the one used by Michael Mann in “False Hope”, his Scientific American article, or his famous hockey stick graph).


Global Warming 102, another tutorial by me

Less than 5  percent of people care to know that aerosols cool the planet,  I got fired up to write  a tutorial about this topic when I read an article in Scientific American, attacking Nick Lewis for writing in his blog that  a recently released paper by Bjorn Stevens reinforced the idea that CO2 doesn´t cause as much global warming as claimed by the IPCC. This tutorial also teaches about the quality of the material we can find in famous scientific publications. 

 Nobel Prize Winner Negishi teaching class
(that´s not me, I´m not Japanese) 

The Scientific American piece  was  a hatchet job, so I decided to prepare my tutorial, write this post, and put a microscopic pinprick back in Scientific America´s hide.  In this tutorial I  include my own drawings and cartoons  about this topic, which you can see below. 


Cuban President Rubio visits the People´s Revolutionary French Republic

The State Visit to the  People´s Revolutionary French  Republic by the President of the Cuban Republic, His Excellency President Marino Rubio del Rio, took place on the 11th and 12th of February. Upon arrival, the Cuban president was greeted by French Supreme Leader for Life Jean Luc Melenchón, and  hundreds of thousands of French Revolutionary Citizens, which had  massed along the parade route  to greet their presumed capitalist saviour. 

French Revolutionary Republic honored visiting Cuban 
President  Rubio del Rio with a massive citizen´s parade. 
Secret polling  reveals the Cuban  President is more 
popular in France than  Supreme Leader for Life  Melenchon

The Cuban President was accompanied by a delegation of ministers, senior officials, and representatives from Cuban industry and commerce.  During the visit 15 agreements in trade, financing, and diplomatic relations were signed - among these was a Statement of Intent between them for long-term cooperation in research on the cure for the French Disease by Cuban medical experts, and a plan for Construction of  Sustainable Hotels and Eyesore Elimination  by Cuban multinationals on French Revolutionary provinces wishing to attract tourism. 


President Obombo Unveils Waziria´s CO2 Emissions Targets

Kumbasi -- President Patrice Obombo´s administration has reasserted its commitment to fighting climate change, submitting its plan to the U.N. to cut Waziria carbon emissions by up to 30 percent by 2030. The plan blends the formats used by Mexico, Switzerland, and China, and requires the full commitment of Waziria’s 4 million inhabitants.

Waziria´s president at one of his press conferences. 
President Obombo is increasingly isolated from the
Wazirian Senate, led by Senator Bala,  but is loved 
by his people and hopes to finish his term in 2017. 

 Later this year, negotiators from all nations will gather in Paris, to draft and sign an agreement to: 1 - fight global warming; 2 - adapt to its side effects like rising sea levels; and 3 - assist developing nations rein-in their carbon emissions without slowing the growth of their economies.

President Obombo is very keen on the third item, which can secure $17 billion US dollars, donated by the U.S. and the European Union,  to build the 50 megawatt Kuilú River Hydroelectric project,  an associated 5 megawatt wind park, widen the Kumbasi seaside highway to four lanes, and develop a new sugarcane biofuel industry in the former Lumumba National Park.


I interview the head of the Illuminati

I am increasingly bored by Washington because I dont believe the answers lie there. We must ask the questions elsewhere. This train of thought led me to contact the Illuminati. I had expected that, once they knew I was hot on their trail, they would have me lobotomized. So I was shocked when my ex-boss, Tony Blair, contacted me and gave me the  Illuminati´s  secret  email.  

Illuminati are recognized because they carry 
wads  of paper, printed with pyramid symbols,  
on their bodies. This photo shows pyramids. 

The head of the Illuminati is called the “Illuminatus” (that´s his secret title, he goes by a couple of other names when he´s out in the open).  As it turned out, he  is a man that I had  met several times. Hell, I’ve had dinner with him when I lived in Buenos Aires. He always seemed like a very nice man. I have been around him enough to know that hes an honest guy. He´s so normal, his pastime is to troll social media using a pseudonym.

I interviewed him because I´m worried about the planet. I know his organization controls the world, so I wanted him to tell me what the hell they are up to. The interview took place in his office within the secret Illuminati bunker office complex  located under… (sorry, I can´t write that down).

FL (that´s me): Illuminatus, I want to start by thanking you for sharing your valuable time and answering a few questions. So how are you?

ILLUMINATUS: I’m doing well. How are you?

FL: I’m very good. I want to start by asking, where is the world headed?

ILLUMINATUS:  Excellent question…excellent question.  It depends. People think our organization controls the world, but that´s not really true. For example, we only managed to place members in China about 30 years ago, and it has been a struggle. Too many Chinese for so few of us. They are incredibly corrupt.  So I can´t give you any guarantees that I’m a world emperor or anything like that. In fact, if I were going to characterize our position, we are more like dogs, trying to herd a very large herd of sheep.


Netanyahu´s Two State Solution

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu has announced his full, unconditional support for the creation of two Palestinian nations. Each independent, and fully sovereign, state would be  intended to accommodate separate Shiite and Sunni populations now living in  the Holy Land (Israel, the Occupied Palestinian territories, Gaza,  Southern Israel,  portions of Syria under Israeli occupation, and Syrian Shiites/Alawites who want to seek refuge from the Islamic State hordes). 

Netanyahu announcing his proposal to the US Congress

In a speech to a joint session of the US Congress, the Prime Minister proposed the two Palestinian states occupy most of the land now known as the State of Texas. This large state would be divided, with the border between the two Palestinian states drawn along the Brazos River. A 60 thousand Km2 sector of the Texas Panhandle, with its capital in Amarillo, would be reserved for those current Texas residents refusing to become residents in either of the two Muslim states.


The Exciting Case of Juancho Valencia

I don’t have time to write a very long post because I’m scouting baseball players in Spain during Easter, and yesterday I found an exciting phenomenom: a Spanish 18 year old with a 106 mph fastball which flies in with a slight rising motion. The kid throws so hard I had to use two catchers in a 30 minute session. And to make this find even more incredible he also runs a 4.3 second 40 yard dash…he can pinch run when he’s not pitching and steal bases at will.

I know the idea of a rising fastball sounds impossible, but we took a high speed video, and it seems the kid puts a spinning motion on the ball which creates a vacuum on the ball´s upper side with one seam loop approximation, and this lifts it against the force of gravity,  

Juancho during yesterday´s  baseball tryout. Note 
his arm motion, and splayed big toe, are identical 
to  Sidd Finch´s, the 1980´s mistery phenomenom.  

For those who are interested in this effect, which I have named the “Juancho Effect”, the renormalization group analysis of the baseball´s  mass is performed with the extra initial condition 4λ=g2=(5/3)g′2 for the baseball’s quartic and SU(2)L and U(1)Y gauge coupling constants. This initial condition is introduced in the new scheme of noncommutative differential geometry, but the grand unification of the coupling constants is not realized in this scheme.