I´m not dying of hunger

I want to thank whoever is up there because he sent me so much food in my life.

I’m not sure it was intentional, or even that it was meant as  a gift, because I had to lose about one metric ton after eating so much,  and I found it quite difficult.  But when I think  about it, it’s better to have to work to lose weight than go hungry.

When you start to write about the things you see, the first thing that comes to mind is politics.  At least in my world politics  is the daily bread.  Not that I'm a politician. I'm pretty honest and I'm useless in that profession.  But I  like criticizing them  all the time. Lately this has become an obsession, probably because I have time on my hands.

When you're young and innocent  you think you can change the world and become president.  I never had that illusion for I have lived too  long in places where the government  was run by  a supreme dictator, leader, savior of the country,  army commander, and worst of all government spokesman explaining what was best for the  country and what everybody had to do becauseifnotwestompyou.

And when I lived in a democracy,  I couldn’t  be president because I wasn’t a native, which is always a requirement. It didn't   matter, the natives  wouldn’t have voted for me anyway.

This immigrant  life and being everywhere has its good points, of which the best is to know that you  live better than before every time you move (if one moves from one country  to another,  and things don’t get better then consider the move a failure and go  back where you came from).

And now I have to talk about religion, and I want to announce that I recently had a conversation with God. You see, I have a generic god because I don’t  want to insult anyone  or cause a reader to stop reading this thinking I am his eternal enemy. So my religion is a private matter that eventually I can only confess to you after I  find out you want to participate in religious rites with me.

I am what they call a religious person who thinks that God is too busy to hear prayers asking for money or a little help to escape from hell. Prayers  asking for things  are like bullets in  a war when one is left with only a  few. It is better to save  them and not use them much, just  in case you need them later. I hope this doesn’t sound very heretical, but it's how I feel, and I don't  think  God cares much if I'm a bit frugal with prayer.  Moreover, when I think about it,  God probably gets annoyed  if one prays all the time asking for things.  The good part is that god has to hear all the requests, and not me.

Returning to the original topic, now I have to do something to lose weight. The diet works somewhat  if I follow it, but I have a weakness,  I like eating too much  fruit and raid the kitchen at night, which makes me have to do more exercise than  necessary if I could control myself. The only excuse I have is that dieting in Alicante requires a special effort, because the food is very good  and almost everything I like is fresh.

If I lived in London, it would be different because British food was not created for normal people. The poor English would have benefited greatly if they had remained a  Roman colony and shared their kitchen with the French, because the French do  know how to cook.

And don’t  think that that the English are French are the same people, just  because the English  were invaded and defeated at the Battle of Hastings. Those French invaders weren't  really French, they were Vikings who had invaded France to  loot and pillage and stayed. They didn’t  learn to cook either, even if they learned to speak French and  put on perfume.

So this is  the story  I know.

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