President Obombo demands Cuban Prisoner release

Waziria's President Patrice Obombo demanded the release of Cuban prisoner of conscience Danilo Maldonado, known as "El Sexto".

President Obombo speaking at the UN General Assembly in NY 

President Obombo opened his speech with his customary words thanking his Wazirian followers, his parents, and his family, for their support. Rather than moving on immediately to the global warming topic, which he covered later, the President offered these short words of support for "El Sexto": 

"Cuban artist Danilo Maldonado Machado has been on hunger strike since 8 September to protest his detention without trial in Cuba. He was detained in December 2014 and is accused of “contempt”. Amnesty International considers him a prisoner of conscience, imprisoned solely for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of expression. 

My conscience demands that I mention this case as an emblem of the two faced nature of international politics. This week we will talk a lot about ending poverty, but we will ignore human rights abuses, torture, and murder by entrenched dictatorships and autocracies. 

I realize I can be accused of coddling dictators after I made a move to establish relations with the Cabo Caballo dictatorship. Given their behavior to date I feel I made a mistake. I'm calling for this young man's release as a symbol of our future commitment to end human rights abuses. 

And I'd like to use this opportunity to remind Cuba's dictator, Raul Castro, that his problems with the USA don't give him an excuse to treat the Cuban people as if they were his personal slaves". 


Illegal versus legal immigration

Over the last 20 years or so we have seen a blurring of the lines which differentiate between illegal aliens and legal immigrants or foreign residents.  Politicians and the media have blurred the line, probably to confuse voters and have them support their objectives and  policies. 

Illegal immigrants entering the USA. 

It's evident to me that illegal immigration harms the nation as a whole. If the country feels it requires immigration then it should be legal immigration, and those who do receive the resident visa should be screened for security, health, and utility reasons. 

However, a simple model shows illegal immigration, or legal immigration which emphasizes low skill immigrants, tends to increase poverty and inequality. The illegal low skill immigrants compete for low skill jobs,  they help employers keep the total low skill worker population pool as a low pay underclass. Thus immigration has to be calibrated to avoid the oversupply of workers at the bottom.

Republican elites  will encourage illegal immigration because it does help their businesses and profits. They understand very well how this works, and they have absolutely no problem putting a Mexican illegal worker to work in the USA on a job competing with a Chinese counterpart working in China, a Chinese worker who is in turn exploited by a heartless "communist" dictatorship practicing their hybrid communist/neofascist heartless capitalism. 

Democrats, on the other hand, like to emphasize massive illegal immigration (if they can they'll make it legal) because illegal immigration is mostly made up of low educational level, underfed, low IQ males originating in the poorest sectors in Mexico and Central America. What the USA gets isn't even representative of the average person in those countries, they are getting a skewed sample: the more adventuresome, and desperate,  coming out of very violent and extremely poor regions. 

The answer as I see it is to have legal immigration, and design the entry process to allow people who help long term. This means immigration should involve a crime free, healthy, relatively young, smart, hard working, and compatible people. I couldn't care less about their color or religion, but they do need to bring value.


Pope Francis and Catholic theology

What does Pope Francis believe about God, Jesus, religion in general? 
My analysis shows the belief involves a Trinity, which includes the Son. This Son has a divine nature, was there in the beginning, at the moment of creation (see John's Gospel). The man Jesus was the Son incarnated as a Homo sapiens specimen, who chose to be born in such conditions to be able to carry a message to humanity, and sacrifice the Homo sapiens body in a gesture to gain salvation for all humanity. 

The "Jesus message" had Marxist elements (share what you have being the key one). It also advocated a spineless political posture (no mention of seeking freedom from slavery or servitude, a permissive attitude towards torture by government authorities). It also seemed to promise a quick trip to heaven for all of humanity (salvation is near, die and go to heaven if you have faith, if you don't you'll be burned). 
Thus, the Pope believes a baby was born, a baby whose  soul had volunteered or willed itself to be born in Nazareth. 
The baby's parents' socioeconomic status was irrelevant given the presents brought by the Three Wise Men and the baby's divine nature. Evidently, this divine Jesus had whatever status it wished to have upon arrival in the flesh. No roof, humble roof, middle class roof, deluxe solid gold roof if it wished. 
The Pope also believes the College of Cardinals elected him to be Pope (head of government of the Holy See) because he had an unique connection with said Trinity. And he seems to believe the "Jesus message" and most of the traditional Catholic theology (saints, help the poor, no women priests, forget abortion, reproduce until Homo sapiens population reaches an unknown upper limit). He also seems to have a bit of bias: Francis won't consider the plight of prisoners in Castro's jails, but has a very keen desire to visit jails in other countries). 


The Pope and the Castro Dinasty

If the Castro family dictatorship thrives with the help of the Peronist pope, the future of the Cuban  people will be very ugly. 

Pope receiving gift from Evo Morales:
Jesus nailed to the hammer and sickle. 

Raul Castro and his eldest son Alejandro want a hereditary military dictatorship with neofascist features. 

Raúl Castro's heir, Alejandro, who today 
heads all the state security services. 

If the Catholic church takes the side of the dictatorship, Cuba will be similar, but much worse,  to Spain under the fascist Franco.

Pope Francis appears  to be endorsing 
the dictatorship' human rights abuses. 

I don't think the pope will have much credibility if he limits himself to preaching religion and his communist political beliefs, because many Cubans know communism is a terrible system, and they are atheists,  or take religion as a menu from which they grab what suits them.


German boat builder opens factory in Lybia

Deutsch VolksFloß (German Popular Raft) Corporation, whose rafts are very popular  with "migration facilitators" operating in Northern Africa and Turkey, has announced the opening of a raft factory in Benghazi, Lybia.

Deutsch VolksFloß (German Popular Raft)
 Corporation raft crossing the Mediterranean 
fully loaded with 70 immigrants.  

According to senior Vice President Angela Münchausen, the factory will have three production lines: 

Model S, a twin engine 20 seat model able to cross the Mediterranean in 24 hours.

Model M, a triple engine 40 seat model designed to cross the Mediterranean in 30 hours. The Model M includes two portable toilets and a mast the passengers can use to hang flags asking for help. 

Model L, a four engine 70 seat model designed to cross the Mediterranean in 36 hours. The Model L includes three portable toilets, a larger mast,  a radar transponder, and a small three meter skiff, which the crew can use to lead the raft to a safe European beach (this is Plan B, should European Union ships be too busy to pull them aboard before they reach Europe). 

Deutsch VolksFloß has also created an "easy finance" plan for travel agencies and inmigration facilitators, but this financing is limited to Albanian and Rumanian entities able to prove the financial strength to repay the loan. They also arranged for raft owners to ship the boat engines from Europe via UPS, to be credited and reused in future raft purchasers.


An example of watermelon tactics

A "watermelon" is a nominal environmentalist who uses a "green" agenda to push a left wing and/or special interest agenda. 

Today, Global Warming is used as a Trojan Horse to advocate radical left wing policies. The changes in the former USSR, Eastern Europe, China, and other nations prove conclusively that Marxism/communism is a terrible idea, induces poverty and human rights violations, encourages dictatorship, and will spread whenever it's given a chance. 

However, in spite of their failures and terrible record, the radical left hasn't abandoned their ideas. They realize communism doesn't sell very well, so today they use populism, and pseudo-environmentalism to try to achieve their goals. 

An example of the way a seemingly innocent agenda is subverted is the UN Development Program's global warming agenda and tactics, including its "Climate Change StoryTelling Contest". In their own words:
 "UNDP story telling contest on climate change aims to contribute to raising public awareness on the negative impacts of climate change on people and communities as well as on the opportunities and solutions seen in actions by individuals and governments in vulnerable developing countries.

The contest provides young journalists in developing countries a unique opportunity to contribute to the global debate on climate change in the run-up to COP21, while building their capacity, and providing recognition for excellence. Authors of the top two stories will be funded to attend and cover COP21.
Stories, once screened, scored and published on UNDP’s website, will be disseminated through partners’ channels to ensure maximum outreach and exposure. A common hashtag – #Voices2Paris – will facilitate social media integration by all partners, helping to amplify the dissemination. All materials are creative commons, encouraging further media outlets and people everywhere to make maximum use of the stories told and photos gathered."
As we seem the UNDP contest rewards young journalists with a trip to Paris, and widespread exposure if they write the appropriate climate change propaganda.  UNDP is also receiving financial aid from organizations such as Oxfam, whose agenda is set out in their own statement: 
"Oxfam will support the Voice2Paris global storytelling contest launched in August by the United National Development Programme (UNDP) by providing three additional fellowships for participating journalists to cover the UN Conference on Climate Change, COP21, in Paris in December. Oxfam’s contribution to the contest aims at encouraging journalists’ participation in climate change reporting and raising public awareness of climate actions. 

“The contest is a fantastic opportunity to create awareness of the harmful impacts of climate change on communities, and of potential opportunities in climate-vulnerable developing countries. This is also a great opportunity for young journalists to strengthen their perception of climate change and to frame it not merely as an environmental issue but also as an issue of social justice and poverty alleviation” said Wang Binbin, Manager of the Climate Change and Poverty Team, Oxfam Hong Kong."
The radical watermelon agenda is also pushed from within the USA and EU governments. For  example, here's a quote from John Holdren, President Obama's "Science Advisor" (from his book “Ecoscience: Population, Resources, and Environment”):  
“...organized evasive action: population control, limitation of material consumption, redistribution of wealth, transitions to technologies that are environmentally and socially less disruptive than today’s, and movement toward some kind of world government”


Waziria's President Obombo closes border

This summer's heavy Syrian and Afghan "unauthorized inmigrant" influx led Waziria's Pressident Patrice Obombo to order the full closure of his country's border with neighboring Cameroon. 

President Obombo announced this measure during his weekly TV show on national TV, "Hitting with the hammer", originally devoted to discuss the construction progress of Kumbasi's new World Bank financed solar powered water heater.

 The president's brief remarks were followed by a video clip of his visit to the border region together with senior Wazirian military officials, who have ordered the Wazirian army to stop all traffic until a new set of fences can be built to allow funneling all border crossings to immigration control points manned by the Interior Ministry OMON militias. 

President Obombo announces border closure 
to stop unauthorized inmigrant invasion 

 Interior Minister Julius Merkel, who had historically supported Waziria's generous benefits program for unauthorized immigrants from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, followed the president's speech with a short speech of his own, in which he acknowledged his policy had failed, because it was so generous it had gradually increased the flow of foreigners crossing into Waziria from Cameroon. 

"I must confess I never expected the number of Syrians and Iraqis coming into Waziria would increase at an exponential rate" he moaned, "the Cameroon government takes them at their NE border, puts them in army trucks, and dumps them on our border, where they cross freely due to the lack of barriers or personnel to stop them". He clarified that he never expected the Syrian, Iraq, and Afghan conflicts to last so many years, and reflected "evidently, if I had known about this exponential growth equation, and the way the USA would encourage civil wars to let them fester for decades, I would have been less inclined to implement my "refugees welcome" scheme". 

Meanwhile, President Obombo's main political rival, Senator Bala, held a press conference in which he remarked: "It's a shame that neither Obombo nor Interior Minister Merkel were familiar with the exponential growth equation, nor with the simple concept that people living in poor countries will flood into rich countries offering generous benefits and jobs. My own proposal, to allow carefully controlled inmigration from Togo and Burkina Faso, our poor neighbors, was ignored by Obombo after he was pressured by Julius Merkel. This was all cheap politics to please Merkel's "Watermelon" political faction. Now, thanks to their carelessness, we allowed 350 thousand uncontrolled immigrants to enter Waziria in the last three years, and another 500 thousand are in transit, many helped by smugglers and terrorist organizations".

 The inmigrant crisis has caused a deep split within president Obombo's political party, and strengthened Senator Bala's "Waziria is our home" nationalist forces, who are now going happily from home to home distributing flyers showing their border fence plans and protesting at mosque and madrasah construction sites. 

Border fence model advocated by the opposition's nationalist faction.


If President Maduro dies...

Venezuela's Executive Vice President, Jorge Arreaza, will take over the presidency if President Nicolás Maduro dies.

Executive VP Jorge Arreaza giving 
the Chavista double index finger 

This post isn't intended to advocate Maduro's death, but current events signal that Maduro's life could be hanging from a thin thread if Raul Castro decides he's had enough of Maduro's stupid behavior (Maduro's personal security is provided by Cuban bodyguards who belong to the Castros' intelligence services, led by Raul's son and heir, Alejandro). 

Since taking over as acting president, in December 2012, Maduro has managed to shatter Venezuela's economy, increased human rights abuses, allowed crime and corruption to worsen beyond the terrible conditions left behind by Chávez....

Maduro's terrible performance caused a huge drop in his poll ratings (less than 25 % approval),    In recent weeks he has created a conflict with neighboring Colombia, apparently in an effort to create emergency conditions which will allow him to suspend Venezuelans' few remaining civil rights. I've heard Colombia's president Santos is very worried, thinks Maduro is expelling and terrorizing Colombian citizens who reside in Venezuela to inflame a conflict between the two nations. 

Colombians forced to flee Venezuela being helped 
by Colombian Army soldiers to cross a river by foot. 

A couple of days ago Arreaza showed up at the border and said the Venezuelan government was getting tired of Colombia's free market policies, and their lack of action to stop smuggling of gasoline and packaged subsidized food from Venezuela. He said he applauded Maduro's orders to close the border crossings and mobilize thousands of Army soldiers to the region. 

But does he? Arreaza got his VP post because he's married to Chavez' second daughter, Maria Virginia. Other than marrying into the Royal family he lacks the military background, or connections to go that high. But he's not as stupid as the other top Chavistas. Most of his statements amount to butt kissing and communist sloganeering, but he must be doing it to stay on Maduro's good side. And Raul Castro knows that. 

So what is Raul going to do if Maduro is freelancing and starts a shooting conflict with Colombia? I suspect he's gong to have his men, Maduro's bodyguards, put a Mickey in Maduro's drink to give him the mother of heart attacks, and have Jorge Arreaza take over as President. This will give the Castro family dictatorship a breather, because Arreaza may pull Chavismo out of the hole it fell in when Maduro took over that mafia. And Arreaza will know who moved the pieces to make him president. 

The only question in my mind is whether the Venezuelan military will accept another civilian in the presidency,  who may try to end their involvement in gasoline and food smuggling to Colombia, as well as in the cocaine trade run by the so called Cartel de Los Soles in alliance with the Colombian communist guerrillas, the FARC? Who will win that struggle? The Castro intelligence services operating in Venezuela, or the Venezuelan  narco generals? 


Will the Arctic be ice free on September 20, 2025?

This is dedicated to the wishful thinkers who pray for an ice free Arctic as soon as possible, so they can get on with peddling medieval socialism and the "rescue of climate refugees": 

Al Gore giving his 2007 Nobel Climate Speech. 

From Al Gore's Nobel Climate Prize acceptance speech: 

"Last September 21 (2007), as the Northern Hemisphere tilted away from the sun, scientists reported with unprecedented distress that the North Polar ice cap is "falling off a cliff." One study estimated that it could be completely gone during summer in less than 22 years. Another new study, to be presented by U.S. Navy researchers later this week, warns it could happen in as little as 7 years."

I'm stuck in traffic, and I'm late for a climate prediction conference, but if I jump from the next overpass and fall on a truck full of cotton balls I can bounce right back up, get a free ride, and if there’s no other traffic jams, I’ll be just in time to give a speech about the probability that the Arctic will be ice free on September 21, 2029, which just as likely as me getting to that conference on time. 

The latest set of 2015 predictions is here: 

Here's a website where you can get polar projection of temperature and wind streamlines at any time (click on "Earth", and then on "Now" to download the latest supercomputer run):