Maduro gloats and vows to remain in power.

It's clear that Nicolás Maduro intends to subvert the law and do whatever it takes to stay in power. This tells me the opposition will split into two groups: one which advocates more patience and the other which pushers for a national strike and whatever steps are needed to begin a constitutional rebellion under the aegis of Article 350. I'm starting to lean towards supporting street demonstrations, labor strikes and even sabotage of oil facilities as a means to pressure the regime into accepting that the recall referendum will be held this year, as provided by law. Otherwise, it looks like Maduro will stay in power and function as a satrap of the Castro dictatorship. 

The following text is from an AFP news release, it's a good recap of Maduro's and the regime's current "action plan": 
Caracas (AFP) - Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro late Tuesday taunted his political opponents after they hit an apparent roadblock in efforts to oust him from office.
Opposition leaders must hold a recall referendum by January 10 if they are to succeed not only in removing Maduro but in staging new elections to replace his administration.
The National Electoral Council (CNE) has approved the first of two petitions required to organize a referendum, which they aim to do by the end of this year.
However, the election officials said Tuesday that a decisive step in triggering a referendum -- the collection of four million signatures on a recall petition -- probably could not be completed in time.