Difference between NASA GISS and Satellite Temperature Anomaly Measurements

This is a quick reference page intended to display a simple temperature anomaly plot. I took the NASA GISS data set (complete to December 2016, and the NASA Satellite Lower Troposphere temperature anomaly data. 

The data was dumped into Excel, and plotted as an anomaly of the average between December 1979 to December 2009 (that´s a 30 year average). The graph shows the monthly data, and 12 month running average (12 media movil in the graph shown below). 

I noticed the two data sets seemed to run fairly close to each other, but they diverged significantly starting in about 2005. So I took the difference between the two, and plotted the 12 month average. The curve, shown in the golden color, seems to point to a difference of about 0.15 degrees C in recent years.  

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