Economic sanctions on the Castro dictatorship

I'm not worried about history from 50 years ago. Today economic sanctions are applied to put pressure on the Castro dictatorship to force it to reform. 

What I see today is a senile Fidel Castro whose brain barely works, a very old brother Raul who is trying to change course to introduce fascism mixed with capitalism and have his son Alejandro inherit the family dictatorship.

The heir, Alejandro Castro, who runs the state
 security services, and his sister Mariela. 

I see a fairly restless population, which is gradually accessing information about the outside world via small hard drives and miniature memory devices we introduce in the island. I see a very repressive regime ratcheting up abuses because they realize they are sitting on a volcano of opposition to regime policies. 

The best approach is to set up relations and have the Cuban people free itself by destroying the dictatorship from the inside. I think the communist franchise is nearly dead, Marxism is discredited and the people understand Fidel was full of lousy ideas. But the economic sanctions should be kept to make sure the transition to fascist dictatorship doesn't happen. It's critical to force the red oligarchs and the military to give up power peacefully, so they can be replaced by a viable social democracy.

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