The Pope and the Castro Dinasty

If the Castro family dictatorship thrives with the help of the Peronist pope, the future of the Cuban  people will be very ugly. 

Pope receiving gift from Evo Morales:
Jesus nailed to the hammer and sickle. 

Raul Castro and his eldest son Alejandro want a hereditary military dictatorship with neofascist features. 

Raúl Castro's heir, Alejandro, who today 
heads all the state security services. 

If the Catholic church takes the side of the dictatorship, Cuba will be similar, but much worse,  to Spain under the fascist Franco.

Pope Francis appears  to be endorsing 
the dictatorship' human rights abuses. 

I don't think the pope will have much credibility if he limits himself to preaching religion and his communist political beliefs, because many Cubans know communism is a terrible system, and they are atheists,  or take religion as a menu from which they grab what suits them.

The church is going to have problems with " Catholics " who are also into Santeria , or believe in reincarnation , or that the Trinity is a story, or that saints do not really help anyone because they are dead , or that abortion is a medical procedure , or divorcing five times is fine,  and who do not object to homosexuality.

It's going to be interesting to see if the pope takes action to redress the abuses taking place due to his visit on the island





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  1. This Pope has shaken my faith in God and the Church more than any event in my life.

    1. The Pope is a head of state (The Holy See). One can always separate the Pope from religion, assume there's no unique or special linkage between the ups and downs within the Catholic Church and whatever may have created the universe.