Pope Francis and Catholic theology

What does Pope Francis believe about God, Jesus, religion in general? 
My analysis shows the belief involves a Trinity, which includes the Son. This Son has a divine nature, was there in the beginning, at the moment of creation (see John's Gospel). The man Jesus was the Son incarnated as a Homo sapiens specimen, who chose to be born in such conditions to be able to carry a message to humanity, and sacrifice the Homo sapiens body in a gesture to gain salvation for all humanity. 

The "Jesus message" had Marxist elements (share what you have being the key one). It also advocated a spineless political posture (no mention of seeking freedom from slavery or servitude, a permissive attitude towards torture by government authorities). It also seemed to promise a quick trip to heaven for all of humanity (salvation is near, die and go to heaven if you have faith, if you don't you'll be burned). 
Thus, the Pope believes a baby was born, a baby whose  soul had volunteered or willed itself to be born in Nazareth. 
The baby's parents' socioeconomic status was irrelevant given the presents brought by the Three Wise Men and the baby's divine nature. Evidently, this divine Jesus had whatever status it wished to have upon arrival in the flesh. No roof, humble roof, middle class roof, deluxe solid gold roof if it wished. 
The Pope also believes the College of Cardinals elected him to be Pope (head of government of the Holy See) because he had an unique connection with said Trinity. And he seems to believe the "Jesus message" and most of the traditional Catholic theology (saints, help the poor, no women priests, forget abortion, reproduce until Homo sapiens population reaches an unknown upper limit). He also seems to have a bit of bias: Francis won't consider the plight of prisoners in Castro's jails, but has a very keen desire to visit jails in other countries). 


As a non believer I have devoted a lot of time to this analysis. As a rebellious type, I found myself sympathizing with Catholics who were being persecuted by communists in Cuba. But my studies didn't yield faith in the belief structure. They do allow me to understand the religion as far as it can be understood. Judaism Is simpler, doesn't require the logic leaps demanded by Christianity. And I abhor Francis' two faced attitude towards dictatorships and human rights abuses.

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