What do I think about Paris?

I have been reading and pondering about Paris for a while. This subject is controversial, everybody is pissed off, all sides are full of hate mongering nuts, and I really don't want anybody to hate me. 

Paris is still there. 

The refugees have become a controversial topic. The uncontrolled flow of hundreds of thousands of "refugees" into the EU allows the entry of terrorists who hide in that multitude. This is a fact. And this uncomfortable fact creates serious divisions between groups, ranging from the good hearted idealists who think free for all inmigration is the way to go, to pragmatists like me who understand the danger but support carefully controlled inmigration, and on to  the nativists who don't want any inmigration at all. 

We don't know how many terrorists have been introduced or will be introduced in the future. If terrorist organizations want to send 500 hard core suicidal terrorists, they only have to hide one in one thousand. If 400 of those terrorists can activate and cause 15 dead and 30 wounded, we are looking at 6000 killed and 12000 wounded as a result of the current "Merkel-Hollande-Obama" policy. I think this figure can be cut in half if the refugee flow is restricted. More reductions are feasible if military action can end ISIS control over portions of Syrian and Iraqi territory. 

This particular genie was seeded by the USA invasion of Iraq and the subsequent creation of a corrupt and human rights abusing Iraqi regime by the Bush administration.

Terrorist acts by Islamists are likely to be a recurrent problem into the future. They'll also serve as an excuse to restrict individual freedom. The solution will require integration of Muslims into society. Effective integration will require the end of Muslim fundamentalism in Western societies. It will also require the end of the Saudi regime, which in turn will require the end of dependence on Saudi oil. And it will require peace between Israeli Zionists and Palestinians. This will likely take several decades...

The ISIS genie is the result of history. We can't really blame Bush for WWI and the partition of the Ottoman empire.  The list of culprits goes around the block over and over and over. The  ISIS genie was let out of the bottle by Obama, Hollande, Merkel,  and others when they fueled an endless Syrian civil war. I realize most politicians are somewhat stupid, but these guys have been outstandingly dumb. Only the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz-Rice combine has done a worse job. And this means it's likely the US Republicans won't do a better job.

The shit hit the fan, our dear leaders are likely to make this an endless war, we will lose our liberties, and that's all I have to say about Paris. 

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