Letter to Daniel

The problem remains the inability of the middle class to understand that total ruin and destruction are inevitable when communists gain power. So the choice you face is reaching absolute misery and despair in the future, or taking a risk and facing more danger now in exchange for a possible way out. 

The only way out is to stop economic activity and hunker down, be willing to die at the end. There's a chance the total lack of economic activity will convince a faction within the Maduro dictatorship to dump him and change course. 

Peaceful protests don't work against a 
regime willing to use shock troops (the
 colectivos), national guard, secret police 
shooters, arbitrary arrests, torture and 
murder as needed to hold on to power. 

The inability to move in this direction keeps you on a conveyor belt that takes you down as you try to crawl up. This applies to the majority of Venezuelans, who don't understand the conveyor belt isn't about to stop, and efforts to crawl up that belt won't move you fast enough. The communists rely on your ignorance of their true intentions and the outcome they visualize. What's even worse what they visualize is utopian, based on resentment and hatred, and/or complete disregard for human rights. 

As long as you don't understand you face 
monsters you won't act. And when 
you act it's too late, or you are not united. 

This is what I saw many years ago. At that time I warned Venezuelans I knew to get out, because I didn't see in them the fighting spirit nor the awareness of the enemy they face. Right now getting out of Venezuela is much harder than six years ago, and six years ago it was harder than 12 years ago. So imagine what it will be like 6 years from now. In other words, I hate to be so brutally honest, but in six years those of you who remain will wish you were dead unless you fight for your freedom now. This is your last chance. Otherwise, leave.

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