The real reason for the war in Kosovo

"Why did NATO suddenly decide to do this? Why defend Kosovo Albanians?"

These were the questions asked by a friend in 1999, when NATO bombed Yugoslavia to forc it to sign the agreement that allowed the organization to turn Kosovo, a province of Serbia (then part of Yugoslavia) in a US protectorate and EU. 

My answer, written in 1999 after the end of the bombing was:

I've been worried about the Kosovo crisis like you, and I want to use you as a judge of a thesis I am developing. My position is based on the information extracted from the US State Department, Stratfor, the Library of Congress, the UN, NATO, the press, and other sources.

Justification for War

To justify the war, Clinton and Blair sold to the public the idea that the NATO intervention in Kosovo was intended to rescue the Albanian population of that region. They had to save this Muslim population (almost one million people) from a genocidal campaign conducted by Christian Serbs.  They also said they wanted to offer a measure of autonomy to Kosovo, and pledged that the rights of the Christian minority in Kosovo would be protected.

The problem, as I see it, is that genocide did not occur, was just an excuse, and NATO actions precipitated the result that Clinton and Blair said they wanted to avoid.

The initial strategy fails

Clinton also made a mistake when he assured the US public neither army troops nor marines would be used. Clinton thought that the bombs would do the trick. But Milosevic, knowing that troops were not on the game board, thought the NATO bombing would end when they realized that the Serbs were unwilling to surrender. Both sides miscalculated.

The bombardment began, the Serbs did not give up. They never even remotely thought of allowing control of Kosovo by NATO. Instead, they took revenge on the Albanians. They began the forced expulsion of the population in late March and early April after the bombing began. Albanians were injured, killed and abused. Hundreds of thousands of people were forced to flee their homes. Milosevic, with the full support of the Serbian people, was telling NATO go to hell.

Why the Serbs did not give up

NATO did not understand that the Serbs would resist, because Kosovo was, and still is, an integral part of their nation. Kosovo was carved from Serbia using brute force. Today the Serbs are a minority in Kosovo because the Albanians immigrants have taken over the region. However, the Serbs still believe that Kosovo is theirs, and that they are the victims of Albanian aggression. They think they made a mistake when they allowed their numbers decrease in Kosovo, while the Albanian Muslims increased their numbers to become the majority.

The NATO war crime

Failing the initial plan, General Wesley Clark came up with the idea of ​​bombing "military" targets located within areas full of civilians. Clinton and Blair, knowing that the new plan was to kill large numbers of innocent people,  approved the idea to bomb government buildings full of civilians and / or located in densely populated areas.

NATO troops could could be used urgently to defend Muslims. But the war had begun and the use of the troops had not been included in the plan of General Clark. It is painful for me to write this, but it is clear that the forces led by NATO to bomb Yugoslavia proceeded to terrorize the Serb population and break their will.

And aircraft of the United States and Britain bombed a television station, the maternity ward of a hospital, an outdoor market, a civilian train abandoned factory filled with Albanian refugees tractors, blew his face a child playing in a yard with a cluster bomb, and countless other atrocities.

The Post reports that French President Chirac, when he heard they had bombed the building of the television station in Belgrade was horrified, but it was done.

Spanish riders rebel

The plan was so hateful, Spanish pilots who flew from Italian air base in Aviano refused to participate in the bombing, because he was considered a war crime. And of course the Spanish people has not been reported to date.

The consequences

Now the Serbs have surrendered after several months of bombing and the use of troops from Kosovo and Albanian "Kosovo Liberation Front." Kosovo will probably be a protectorate of the UN / NATO for many years. Yugoslavia's territorial integrity has not been and will not be respected (eventually most of the Christian population, or the Serbs, Bulgarians and Kosovar Roma are victims of ethnic cleansing or be killed).

There has been a tremendous loss of life, and it is likely that in the future the conflict arises again. NATO has lost credibility by bombing civilians in cold blood and with knowledge that the bombing was justified with lies. Our relations with Russia have deteriorated. The Yeltsin regime was destabilized and now the nationalists and those opposed to democratic reforms are in control of Russian foreign policy and likely to achieve power in the future.

 (Written in 2013. Note: Before long, Vladimir Putin was elected president and became the implacable enemy of NATO and for good reason Slobodan Milosevic, president of Yugoslavia, was tried by a court of international war crimes but never He was convicted, because prosecutors could find no evidence that genocide had occurred. Milosevic died during the trial, which stretched for many years, as the court was sold and knew that if the man was then exonerated Clinton, Blair and Clark would be considered criminals to justify a war with lies).

My theory: The real reason for the war in Kosovo

What was it that prompted President Clinton to lie, claiming genocide, and eventually bombed to terrorize the civilian population? Does it really matter so much the Albanian minority in an isolated Yugoslav province?

I think the war was engineered to help the Albanians, but not because Clinton and Blair loved those people, or because Kosovo has oil, or can serve as a corridor for a pipeline, or other theories we hear. I tend to think that Clinton thought that the bombing would last only a few days, would force the Serbs to surrender, and this would give him credit for helping a subject to abuse by Christian Muslim community. For as we shall see, while Clinton was up to the bombing and the war in Kosovo, I was trying to arrange a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. And he would take the Israeli side.

Clinton desperately wanted a peace agreement in the Holy Land, but he knew US I was taking a biased position, and that eventually the Muslims would count him if he did not do something to serve as a counterweight.

(Written in 2013. Note: It is evident that Clinton knew that a 911 or September 11 was possible, and wanted to reduce the likelihood of this occurring Orthodox Christian Serbs do not have a lobby in Washington, this meant that they could kill without consequences ).

Let me conclude by thanking you want to discuss this issue. I hope that somehow we can prevent terrorism and other problems that our present course is causing ....

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