My personal pledge to reduce my emissions

I hear the UN is having a meeting in Paris, something they call COP21 run by the UNFCC, with IPCC, WMO, and SMERSH consultants. The meeting has been going well, most nations  pledged to reduce their emissions. This included large CO2 polluters like China, India, the EU, and the United States of Obama. 

Trying to figure out the climate mess is complicated 

However, although the meals are great and the side shows very entertaining, the 200 nations participating in this conference can't agree on the punishments the UN will use to enforce the CO2 emissions. This is seen as a top priority by meeting leadership (Christiana Figueres, and a French guy sent by President Hollande to represent him). 

Christiana Figueres, a professional UN bureaucrat, former Costa Rican embassy secretary who graduated from Wellesley in Renaissance Poetry, has given up on her knowledge of science to convince participants they need to give the UN much more power, to punish each of them individually, if they emit too much CO2.

 She is so frustrated she seems to be advocating Chinese style dictatorship, which she feels offers a better system to give the world cleaner air and redistribute income (I guess she didn't get the memo that China is now run by ruthless capitalists and has more billionaires than the USA?). 

Therefore, whereas the nations of the world aren't likely to agree on anything practical, and whereas we need to reduce greenhouse emissions, I hereby pledge to reduce my personal emission from my "business as usual" case, by taking the following steps: 

1. I will not heat my swimming pool, the plans to install the pool heaters in 2018 is hereby cancelled. Instead I will use the heated pool at the club. 

2. I will reduce the private jet travel by 50 %, travel business class on trips shorter than four hours.

3. I will drive a manual transmission diesel engine powered BMW. 

4. I will end all of my personal methane emissions by 2100.

Note: my Business as Usual case assumes I own a home with a 25 meter heated swimming pool, ride my personal jet 30 times a year, drive a 2005 Hummer, and live an additional 87 years. 

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