President Obombo at the Climate Change Conference

President Obombo of Waziria is in Paris! 

Waziria's President Patrice Obombo gave a short speech on French TV last week as he arrived in Paris for the COP21 climate meeting. 

President Obombo leads the "Small African 16", a group of African nations advocating a mixed government and private intervention in their economies to reduce the rate of growth of their CO2 emissions. 

Transcript follows: 

We have arrived in Paris, coming to the meeting of the heads of state, which as you know is a political meeting. We aim to lever climate change to make important changes  in Waziria's economy, and of course the economies of our brotherly "Small African 16" nations. 

We will have people at the climate change conference as well, because it will serve as the platform for these political and economic changes. We aim to have this conference give us a binding agreement, and it will say climate change is a killer of terrible proportions. 

We need to agree...that for us to save humanity, we need to move together. This means the rich nations will have to set aside their self interest. They need to think globally. We hope the outcome will be satisfactory to the citizens of the world. 

This conference should not go according to the desires of rich nations. They should remember they owe us for the quality of the  air they breathe. They can't walk away without a firm commitment to share their money. If they do, we will be headed for the end of humanity. 

We all agree, we need a solution to the problem. We must fight emissions. And I have already announced our indicated pledge, based on the Mexican, Swiss, and Chinese approaches to curbing emissions. 

But Waziria is a poor country. And we have neighbors with Ebola epidemics, terrorists in nearby Burkina Faso, and the Kambo dictatorship at Cabo Caballo to deal with. This means our pledge is conditional on receiving $17 billion US dollars in grants and no interest financing from other nations. 

And this is our objective, what we want from the Paris COP21 meeting. 

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