German boat builder opens factory in Lybia

Deutsch VolksFloß (German Popular Raft) Corporation, whose rafts are very popular  with "migration facilitators" operating in Northern Africa and Turkey, has announced the opening of a raft factory in Benghazi, Lybia.

Deutsch VolksFloß (German Popular Raft)
 Corporation raft crossing the Mediterranean 
fully loaded with 70 immigrants.  

According to senior Vice President Angela Münchausen, the factory will have three production lines: 

Model S, a twin engine 20 seat model able to cross the Mediterranean in 24 hours.

Model M, a triple engine 40 seat model designed to cross the Mediterranean in 30 hours. The Model M includes two portable toilets and a mast the passengers can use to hang flags asking for help. 

Model L, a four engine 70 seat model designed to cross the Mediterranean in 36 hours. The Model L includes three portable toilets, a larger mast,  a radar transponder, and a small three meter skiff, which the crew can use to lead the raft to a safe European beach (this is Plan B, should European Union ships be too busy to pull them aboard before they reach Europe). 

Deutsch VolksFloß has also created an "easy finance" plan for travel agencies and inmigration facilitators, but this financing is limited to Albanian and Rumanian entities able to prove the financial strength to repay the loan. They also arranged for raft owners to ship the boat engines from Europe via UPS, to be credited and reused in future raft purchasers.

Ms. Münchausen closed the announcement by reminding the audience: 

"The finance terms for migrant facilitators based in Albania and Rumania, and the recycle program for boat engines can't be matched by others, this places Deutsch VolksFloß as the number one boat builder in this market, which we believe will grow exponentially as current EU policies encourage millions of Africans and Arabs to cross  the ocean and seek a better life in Europe. Our Lybian Business Line has the potential to become a huge money maker, we are hoping Deutsch VolksFloß products will be known as the "Sea Bus of Immigrants"". 

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