Waziria´s President Obombo vows to maintain open borders policy

Kumbasi -- President Patrice Obombo on Wednesday touted the heroism of health care workers fighting Ebola in Waziria as well as neighboring Liberia, and vowed to maintain open borders to ease the flow of medical personnel as well as patients between Waziria and Liberia.

President Obombo giving another Ebola press conference

The statements emphasized  the disagreement between the President and politicians such as Senators Bala and New Yolo Governor Krumah, who want the borders closed and insist health workers quarantined when they come home.

"All of them have signed up to head straight into the heart of the Ebola epidemic," President Obombo  said during a Greystoke House event honoring Wazirian and American  doctors and nurses returning from Liberia and Eastern Waziria, the Ebola front lines.

"We need to call them what they are, which is Wazirian and American heroes," he said, surrounded by doctors and nurses in the Greystoke House Royals Room. "They deserve our gratitude and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect."

Some of the health care workers who shared the podium with President Obombo were within the 21-day monitoring period recommended by the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for people potentially exposed to Ebola, a Greystoke House official told The Wazirian Times. The official added that the workers have followed the American CDC  guidance and that none were symptomatic before  they were in close contact with President Obombo and other officials.  

President Obombo´s policy has been heavily criticized after it was revealed both the Wazirian and USA military personnel fighting the Ebola epidemic had been placed under a much stricter quarantine protocol than the one used by the Wazirian government for civilians. This “Civilian Ebola Protocol” is identical to the one being used by the American Centers for Disease Control, and is  considered by some American governors as well as foreign governments to be insufficient and extremely irresponsible.

The controversy within the Wazirian government ranks heated up after the meeting, when one of the American health workers,  brought to serve  as props to  President Obombo´s speech,  was observed vomiting blood in the Greystoke House gardens.  The seriousness of this situation was underscored when the  man was placed inside a large air tight  plastic bag by military personnel wearing hazmat suits, and driven away in the back of a sealed truck.  The subsequent detonation of several napalm bombs within the Greystoke House gardens increased the feeling that President Obombo doesn´t have the situation under control. 

Sick American volunteer being  taken from the Presidential 
gardens in a sealed plastic bag by Wazirian Army soldiers

New Yolo Governor Krumah, in a prepared statement issued after President Obombo´s speech and the napalming of the presidential gardens, repeated his stern warning:

 “President Obombo insists on keeping our borders open, allowing the free flow of Liberian and other nationalities onto Wazirian territory."

"Returnees as well as foreign visitors  are supposed to monitor themselves for Ebola, but we know this isn´t happening in some cases. For example, the American nurse who returned to Oyo last month rode a public bus while showing Ebola symptoms, and this is suspected to have caused the Oyo hotspot, which has killed 350 Wazirian citizens thus far."

"And yesterday we arrested and placed under quarantine another volunteer from Medicine Sans Frontiers, who had been at Oyo´s Ebola Hospice and was found eating pizza at a crowded restaurant in downtown Kumbasi. As New Yolo governor I´m responsible for our people´s health, following Waziri Army Ebola Protocols I immediately ordered all those present in the restaurant arrested and placed in quarantine, and the building contents incinerated."

Greystoke House  Presidential Gardens in Kumbasi
 continued to burn all night  after being napalmed 
to contain Ebola contamination caused by volunteer 

"President Obombo´s insistence on allowing these volunteers to run loose in New Yolo is unacceptable, we can´t afford to burn down  a building every time a new Ebola contagion spot appears, triggered by a health worker´s becoming sick while in public, and I call on President Obombo to use common sense and simple arithmetics rather than the flawed American CDC protocol, which has already killed over 900 Wazirian citizens”. 

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