Even communists are running scared

Are we moving towards a Stalinist dictatorship? 

by Edgar Perdomo at aporrea

"There are few people sane enough to prefer profitable criticism over treacherous praise." 

François de la Rochefoucauld 

I consider myself a man with sole discretion in issuing my opinions but I sense some serious concerns in the Venezuelan people, over the high Bolivarian government´s and the PSUV attitude when they try to impose on Navarro and Giordani an aberrant something known as censorship (at the same time I´m making it clear that I do not sympathize with either of these gentlemen).

Obviously I'm referring to the two punishments which occurred   these last few  days, one over Giordani´s political statements, and the other, Navarro,  because he defended Giordani,  Hugo Chavez´  planning minister. But  there are other things that I find very suspicious,  and they make me think this goes beyond political ideology.

The government is trying to censor and punish those who deviate from the centerline of the Bolivarian nomenklatura:  They criticize  www.aporrea.org, they seem to want to punish  this digital portal  for publishing too much written by these two former senior officials. I mean, it seems we are facing a government   attack that should  make us worry.

Henceforth,  dissenting from the official line of high government, whether in favor or not of the nomenklatura, shall be punished harshly, and I think the most convincing example is Giordani and Navarro.  This is a political line lacking in logic, and  I dare say that Nicolas Maduro will be severely attacked by those who want to maintain a libertarian system which goes beyond what Maduro´s party system is willing to allow.

Punishment against those who don´t toe the government line will be harsh. They want to use a  kind of Stalinist dictatorship, where there is no right to criticize, to think, to be a citizen of free thought. What I'm seeing terrifies me, and I worry.

 Soviet Gulag Camp Perm 36 (from Wikipedia)

In addition, the nomenklatura has a majority in the National Assembly, this means they can  do what they want. Militant supporters of the Bolivarian process should be aware of the risk involved with this state of affairs.

Nicolás Maduro has a majority because people chose to elect him in April 2013, but we have seen that inflation and the  food shortages  have created  thousands of disillusioned voters who are suffering the brunt of the high cost of living.

So we do not want a  PRI style dictatorship as they had  in Mexico, where they ruled at will for over 70 years, transforming the country into the world's most corrupt. And  at least in terms of corruption, we are nearing the Mexico of the PRI. We are learning to copy the Mexicans very fast, and I sure hope we don´t  get to 2019 to see  Nicolás point his finger  and designate his successor, as Hugo Chávez did when he designated Nicolás.

Giordani paid a high cost for criticizing Maduro. This is called a dictatorship, a regime in  which only praise and butt kissing are allowed.

It's amazing to see  there are governments that think they are the  "owners of socialism" and prove to be less socialist than other governments. Where is freedom of opinion in their scheme?

I insist as a militant, that this decision to censure  is wrong, you can not hide your head in the sand , and let a pack of corrupt individuals take bites out of the public treasury, to abuse their power while the naive citizens, made numb with impossible promises, are expected  to comply and support a populism that in recent years has reached new heights. And this goes on while many bureaucrats and their families get rich with total impudence.

It is very easy to talk without arguments, and it is difficult to say anything to  certain people using  serious political thoughts , but  the good news is that there's plenty of such thoughts. And I completely agree that all acts of corruption should be investigated and punished.

By: Edgar Perdomo Arzola

Source: Aporrea.org

My Comment: Lately I have seen many Venezuelan Communists who write with disenchantment  about the collapse of the Bolivarian Revolution. For me it is very clear that one who  supports  Chavez and Maduro, is either a corrupt super sell out  and thief, or a runt who is happy with his red shirt and his PSUV card while the people run out of food,  get no water and electricity,  have no decent job, and live  without peace because there are damn thugs harassing everyone 24 hours a day.

And if anyone knows comrade   Edgar Perdomo Arzola, tell him I say not  to be so naive.  All, every one of these socialist revolutions, Lenin´s, Mao's, Fidel´s, ended in dictatorship,  which gradually evolved to be fascist and military rather than anything else. 

The only exception was North Korea, which became  a dictatorship that has no name and can´t  be described. Exactly what the heck do  I have to show you, Edgar, so you see that the fate of the system that you have been  supporting is to be the dictatorship you dread, because it concentrates too much power in the center?

North Korean prison camp (Daily Mail UK)

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