Cuban President Rubio visits the People´s Revolutionary French Republic

The State Visit to the  People´s Revolutionary French  Republic by the President of the Cuban Republic, His Excellency President Marino Rubio del Rio, took place on the 11th and 12th of February. Upon arrival, the Cuban president was greeted by French Supreme Leader for Life Jean Luc Melenchón, and  hundreds of thousands of French Revolutionary Citizens, which had  massed along the parade route  to greet their presumed capitalist saviour. 

French Revolutionary Republic honored visiting Cuban 
President  Rubio del Rio with a massive citizen´s parade. 
Secret polling  reveals the Cuban  President is more 
popular in France than  Supreme Leader for Life  Melenchon

The Cuban President was accompanied by a delegation of ministers, senior officials, and representatives from Cuban industry and commerce.  During the visit 15 agreements in trade, financing, and diplomatic relations were signed - among these was a Statement of Intent between them for long-term cooperation in research on the cure for the French Disease by Cuban medical experts, and a plan for Construction of  Sustainable Hotels and Eyesore Elimination  by Cuban multinationals on French Revolutionary provinces wishing to attract tourism. 

 Eyesore elimination is part  of the Cuban plan to 
 improve impressions  for tourists visiting Paris.
 Slums like this  prevail  after the  nationalization 
of  all private property by the communist regime. 

After the official ceremony, President Rubio visited a pilot entertainment center,  where native French products were showcased.  President Rubio del Rio partied  with commercial representatives, famous socialites “Paris” Hiton and "Momi" Campbell.

Cuban President Rubio del Rio partying with 
socialites at the pilot entertainment center in Paris

President Rubio del Rio took the opportunity of this visit to bestow of the Insignia of Commander of the Cuban Legion of  Honour on  French Revolution Supreme Leader for Life Melenchón, stating that Mr Melenchón  was "a great thinker, a humanist who, in his many years of rule,  has made a synthesis of all political  sciences to reach the moral conclusion that communism helps the economy to do better, when it´s carried out under the precepts of market capitalism guided by communist party cadres”.

President Rubio del Rio went on to add: “I want to use this opportunity to remind my dear friend Mr. Melenchón that a philosophy to find, once in a while, political prisoners that could be released from his jails would be an added plus to Cuban-French relations ". 

French Prisons are hellholes. The Revolutionary
 government  is known to have executed thousands 
of political prisoners,  and held thousands more
 in very harsh conditions in "Model Revolutionary 
Penitentiaries" such as this one, the "Marx Center"

President Rubio del Rio´s remarks were followed by a short statement made by the President of the Cuban Chamber of Commerce, who reminded the French glitterati present that "technical  and commercial work will start as soon as the French Revolutionary Republic puts in place the legal and tax regime needed to ensure a sustainable profits environment, which can be used for the benefit of all involved”. He also vowed his company, the hotel chain “Hoteles Yumurí y Compañia” would be the first to have three casino hotels built along the old French Riviera to host the expected tourist influx. 

Investments would take place as soon as the French Revolutionary Republic signed the required agreements to introduce a mixed communist-capitalist system, which of course would still remain under the leadership of Supreme Leader Melenchón,  his eldest son, Ruffian Melenchón  (currently head of  the State Security  Service (SSS)), and of course the Communist Party Central Committee and the French Revolutionary Army Generalate.  

After his departure,  Cuban President Rubio del Rio held an informal meeting with the press aboard Cuban Air Force One, and  highlighted he was copying former US President Obama´s suggested approach for US foreign policy, which involved acknowledging the defeat of the democracy, assuming a friendly attitude towards the Melenchón dictatorship, and ignoring human rights abuses, because economic sanctions had failed to deter the French Communist regime from enslaving the French people, nor did they move the regime to behave decently.

President Rubio also stated he had  three main  areas of concern regarding improved relations with the French Revolutionary Republic: human rights conditions in France, which he acknowledged were indeed terrible under communist rule ("these guys are copying the old Castroite repression system"), but he expected would improve with the flux of commerce between the two countries; the protection of the profits earned by Cuban corporations investing in "Revolutionary France";  and the health and safety of Cuban tourists visiting France. Rubio del Rio  explained  he intended to look for a little progress in these areas, and emphasized  he expects the French SSS to stop torturing political prisoners within a few years after Cuban investment funds begin to flow into "Revolutionary France".  

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