The Global Warming Pause doesn´t exist

The denial propaganda machine has been spreading the idea that global warming has "paused" or is on “hiatus”.   This is seen mostly on Fox News and other extremists media.

This right wing propaganda ignores the scientific basis for global warming, which as President Obama explained is supported by 97 % of the scientists who are scared by this whole issue.

To reinforce your faith I´d like to  quote my fellow warmist Graham Redfern at The Guardian:

There never was a "pause" in global warming or climate change. For practical purposes, the so-called "pause" in global warming is not even a thing.”

I´d like to add a quote from Emily Atkin at “Think Progress”, who wrote:

“It’s one of the most oft-used arguments put forth by climate deniers: that there has been “no global warming” for the last 17 years, as evidenced by a supposed lack of increase in global average surface temperature.”

Dear readers, when it comes to global warming the key is to focus on real data, use the long term trends, and have faith in the climate models. Denialists are like demons, they  like to trick you into losing your faith. They do it by “cherrypicking” the data.

To make you immune to their trickery I´m going to show you a plot of the lower atmosphere temperature published by Dr Mears at RSS:

Temperature plot from Dr. Mears at RSS showing
 there´s  no hiatus if we ignore the flat temperature
 trend after the year 2000. 

This plot shows the temperature was increasing, but it stopped rising for a little while. However, if we focus on the climate model data shown by Dr. Mears in this plot  (that´s the green spaghetti curves) we can see the temperature rises. 

The denialists like to trick you by using cherrypicked plots. For example, if I cover up the data before 1997 in Dr Mear´s plot I get this:

Same RSS plot "tricked" using "Monckton´s trick" 
as publicized by Watts and other deniers

The denialists like to point out the discrepancy between the models and real data. But if we focus on the first plot we can see the models were doing quite well until 2000 (more or less). The models have run into a slight problem since then because the heat has been hiding in the ocean (this is explained by Emily in her article). But as Dr. Mears explains the key is to focus on the temperature trend before 2000. If you focus on the temperature trend in the 21st century you will lose faith, and that´s what the denialist demons want.

Finally I´d like to quote from Dr. Mears (doctor Mears has a BS in Physics):

“Part of the cause of the hiatus could be simply be due to bad luck”

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