Whenever I see Vladimir Putin in the news I think about corruption and what Russia could have been without it. I realize that Putin is just the top of the corruption pyramid, he´s the symbol of the rotten condition of things in Russia. And I also realize corruption isn´t unique to Russia. It seems to pervade the world everywhere.

Putin´s trip to Brazil  has received a lot of coverage because he´s trying to extend Russian influence in Latin America. The trip included stopovers in Nicaragua and Cuba (both nations are ruled by autocratic regimes which survive thanks to their status as Venezuela´s parasites).

During this trip Putin met with his counterparts in the BRICS confederacy. Here´s a photograph of the proud leaders posing for their group photograph

Rouseff, Putin, Singh, Hu, and Zuma (Journal do Brazil)

Corruption in Russia isn´t unique, it´s highlighted because it´s so pervasive and because it drains so much potential from the Russian people, who see incompetent thiefs steal their money and take it abroad to buy football teams, mansions, super yatchs and super models.

Russian oligarch´s  $100 million USD yatch

An interesting point raised recently in the media is the fact that corruption in these countries seems to be associated with nationalism and/or ultra religiosity. People in corrupt nations  accept  corruption if these corrupt leaders mix  capitalism,  populism, and religion in the appropriate doses to keep the economy growing.

Putin emphasizes Russian nationalism, homophobia, and promotes the Russian Orthodox Church. In other nations, for example in Turkey, the government tends to peddle Islam as a cover for their corruption. Brazil´s Dilma Rouseff was trying to cover corruption building football stadiums and holding sports events.  And this would have worked but she did fail to deliver a strong growing economy.

Her buddy the autocrat Nicolás Maduro peddles nationalism and a cult of personality of their dead Chávez. This may have worked and allowed chavista hyper corruption to continue, but the economy went to hell, and this has made Maduro so unpopular his own red cadres are getting ready to toss him out.

Who is really  smiling in that BRICS  group? Hu. Chinese “communists” have mixed corrupt and savage capitalism while invoking the glory of ancient China, but they also deliver record economic growth on the backs of an exploited working class. The Chinese people live with obscene pollution, human rights abuses, and 14 hour a day work hours…but they see the economy growing, and even though they realize the government is both corrupt and abusive they aren´t about to rock that boat too hard (for now).
Chinese workers wearing masks (Vancouver Sun)


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  1. The continued growth of unchecked concentrations of power (through unchecked concentration of wealth) is the defining global crisis of our age. Global Neofuedalism is an existential threat to western civilization as we know it. Without a change in the individual attitudes of normal people toward allowing unchecked accumulation of wealth (which, by definition, is unchecked accumulation of power) and the unregulated use of that wealth to influence the world we will see the system collapse in on itself as climate change drives natural disasters that the system has become too inflexible to cope with.

    The first step toward fixing the problem is getting people to agree that there needs to be an upper limit on the amount of wealth and power any one person or group should be allowed to accumulate. This will, of course, be painted as "class warfare" or "communism" or whatever stupid talking point is being circulated at the time, but what it really is is collective self defense.

    Humans can not be trusted with the amount of power that one can wield when one controls, say, the Walton Empire. If you want to lessen corruption, you need to take the mechanism by which corruption happens out of the hands of the people who wield it.

    1. That's fixed with an inheritance or estate tax. I don't see a practical way to impose a limit on wealth, but wealth itself can be taxed, it's just an extension of real estate taxes. Just put a tiny tax on everything, and reduce taxes elsewhere. The idea after all is to limit centralized state power, which tends to corrupt and leads to human rights abuses.