The Wrath of God, Germany 7 - Brazil 1

There is  a little bit of justice in this world.  The 7-1 beating  Germany gave Brazil has to be a punishment from God. What's more, it may be that it is a punishment from all  the gods working  together, from the God of the Christians, the Muslims, the Jews, the full complemente of Hindu gods, the Greek gods, the Roman gods….

How sweet it is 

I´m not particularly fond of Germany, you could say I´m neutral towards them. However, one has to concede  they are very good players, and have copied the style of the Spanish national team so well, they play better than Spaniards.  So if Spain can not play then the Germans should win the whole enchilada  (or maybe Argentina  because they have  Leo Messi and Di Maria).

But back to the main  theme, most of us are aware that first Lula da Silva and later Dilma Rousseff  have been benefactors of that garbage dump they call Venezuela´s Chavismo.

Today day "President" Maduro  (a puppet of the Cuban dictatorship) survives abusing the people, and that happens largely because  the Brazilian diplomatic assistance enables it. That “little”  help, which is based on the commercial interests of large  Brazilian companies (such as Odebrecht) and the corrupt links between affluent Brazilians and Chavista Boligarchs, is what gives  breathing space  to the degenerate Maduro dictatorship.

Dilma sucking up to Nicolás Maduro

So if one believes that God exists, it is easy to believe that GERMANY  7 BRASIL 1 is a punishment from GOD. And if one  believes in such gods, and has sympathy for the Venezuelan people, just enjoy it.  Because this is going to hit Dilma very badly, and it may be the divine retribution and the consequence of her cynicism and her  wickedness.

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