Alaska is full of Venezuelans, yes sir!

Two years ago  I was in Alaska, and I found it was full of Venezuelans. Well, saying it´s full is relative, since the population of Alaska should be less than half a million. The fact is that in Alaska there are  Venezuelans. Venezuelans in one of the coldest places in the world,  covered with ice and snow.

Walking on a glacier 
Photo by 21st Century Social Critic 

I know it seems incredible that people who feel cold when it goes down to 25 degrees Celsius can adapt to that. Plus  they also have to deal with bears,  mountain lions, and killer whales.

The place is so cold that the sea is frozen most of the year. The good thing about this is that if one  falls into the sea one  freezes in about 32 seconds, so the vast majority of Alaskans don´t  care about whales, but are rather  terrified of falling in the  water. Some readers will think I'm exaggerating, so I show you a picture that I took at the beach in Alaska. Note that the sea is really frozen. And if you look carefully behind me you can see Russia.

Half of me standing in Arctic Ocean meltwater somewhere
to the West of the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge

I'm a big fan of the former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, and I went to visit her town, Wasilla, but she was not there. I'm sure she and her husband Todd would have  invited me to their  mansion to eat a piece of moose, but both were away at work she had with Fox News, and of course Todd had gone along . He is a good fellow, he carries her  things and gives her therapy after work. Below is a shot of one of the typical restaurants in Wasilla, where they serve excellent moose:  

One of Wasilla´s premier eateries, photo taken by B. Leza 

But back to the subject of Venezuelans in Alaska. It seems that they are alive and kicking. The fact that they can  survive tells us that,  if necessary, we  can send a Venezuelan into exile anywhere.

Indeed, when I returned from Alaska I  wrote a Venezuelan friend who works on a project in New Guinea (this is where the natives ate Rockefeller´s nephew), and  the  mercenary said if I paid more he was coming  to Alaska as well.

This confirms that if  NASA wants to send someone to Mars, it should drop off application forms in Caracas asking for volunteers, and they will find a host of educated  Venezuelans willing to go if the gig pays in hard currency.  Those Venezuelan cosmonauts will do great, settle on Mars, and eventually get their Martian citizenship and everything. 

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