Meeting Celebrities

Many years ago I found myself sitting in first class  right next to a famous actor. To be honest, at first  I was tempted to give him the usual bull about how I admired his work, ask him for his autograph and have my photograph taken with him using my old Polaroid. 

But you know, I figured people like that must be incredibly sick of being treated like zoo animals. So I decided to be cool, and ignored him  for the whole flight.  And I suppose my attitude and my size served as a barrier for the other passengers, who decided they had better not risk going over me to to get to him. I think we were flying from Chicago to New York, or something like that, and that was one of the quietest flights I ever had. 

Anyway, when we got off the plane and we were on the gangway on the way to the terminal he turned around, grinned, and said "Thank you", I grinned back and answered "You are welcome", and that was the last time I saw him. 

Famous actor with famous actress

When I tell people the characters I met in my life by accident they think I´m full of shit. But this is for real: I met Fidel Castro when I was about seven years old. I was introduced to the guy, we shook hands, he asked me about my grades, and he turned around after I said two words. The thing that impressed me the most about Fidel was his cigar and how bad it smelled. 

Famous dictator with stinky cigar

So I´ve spent years wondering what would have happened if I had put a poisoned thumb tack in the palm of my hand...hell, I could have been a national hero, with my own statue right there next to Jose Marti´s and everything. 

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