Decay of Western Civilization in the 21st Century

A few days ago I read Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom got into a fist fight in a restaurant in Ibiza. Leonardo di Caprio was there, and rooted for Orlando, who got upset  when Justin called him a bitch and also because his wife, a chick named Amanda Kerr, had been messing around with Justin in the past.

Justin and Orlando fight in Ibiza (NY Daily News)

Press coverage about the fight made me realize Western Civilization has indeed decayed during the 21st century. Things have got to be pretty messed up when a guy like Justin Bieber gets to be famous for singing this crap

“Baby, baby, baby oooh
Like baby, baby, baby nooo
Like baby, baby, baby oooh
I thought you'd always be mine”

But let´s face it, Justin Bieber is just a symptom. Everything has gone to hell. Compare the 20th century greats to what´s going on today, and it´s enough to puke. We had Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry... 
Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry

...and today they got  Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark playing second fiddle to Jennifer Lawrence.  
Katniss with her wimpy sidekick Peeta

So, let´s get back to music. 20th Century rock was overwhelmingly superior to today´s music. Just compare the greats (Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane, The Doors...) to the non greats of today. 

Who dares compare Annie Lennox singing “Sweet Dreams”  with the Eurythmics versus  Rihanna sitting in a bathtub singing “Stay”? The very best 21st century music act is Bubbles the Clown singing Lorde´s Team, for chrissakes.

Bubbles from Puddles Pity Party sings Lorde´s "Team" 

What else? Take pop art. The 20th century wins hands down with “Dogs Playing Poker” the world champion with over 3 million copies sold to eager college students.

The great 20th Century Pop Art Masterpiece, “Dogs Playing Poker”

What´s the 21st Century contender? Crap like this

21st Century pop art “masterpiece”, “Minecraft” poster, 
 exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (ack).

What else? What about popular lines? The 20th century contender: “I´ll be back”. The 21st Century´s? “LOL, OMG, WTF”.

Guys and gals, this is like shooting fish in a barrel.


20th Century Music Masterpiece, Annie Lennox drives them wild with Sweet Dreams  

Best 21st Century Music Act, Bubbles sings Lorde´s “Team”  

Daily News Gossip Report about the Bieber-Bloom fight 

The Wire Gossip Bullshit about Bieber and Di Caprio hating each other 

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