Greece in Red

I just read the musings written by Nantina Vgontzas, a PhD student at New York University, a committed Marxist in a communist web site (jacobinmag.com). This young girl seems quite educated, and properly dosed with rabies. Let me show you what she wrote:

"The final scenario is Plan B with an actual plan. It is in some ways the riskiest but, given the other options, remains the most promising for Greek development and justice. Here, No wins, Greece exits, be it negotiated or unilateral, and there is a massive push to the left: nationalization of key sectors, notably the banking sector; the possible introduction of a parallel currency; restricted foreign exchange; imports of basic goods from allies; some kind of ration, however chaotic; a potential blockade of ports to begin disciplining Greek tankers, at the very least.

This wouldn’t fully resolve the liquidity problem, but it would be better managed than in the fourth scenario — that is, not on labor’s back.

Of course, this option means open confrontation with capital, to which key figures within the party have shown great apprehension. There will inevitably be a fight within the party, a rapid intensification of the simmering of the past few months that will also be influenced by forces outside Syriza.

If those pushing for political radicalization win this battle, we must acknowledge that at that point, anything goes.

It will be an actual break, with all the risks that entails. There could have been better preparation, and improvisation will be necessary. The question is whether the Left in which many Greeks have entrusted their vote is willing to take such a plunge into the unknown, into the alternative we said is possible. The answer to that will determine what comes after OXI."

I feel really sorry for the Greeks. I guess we have to get ready for massive middle class and professional flight from that mess. As regards "imports from allies", is she expecting economic aid from "communist" countries like Cuba and Venezuela, or China? 

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