Pope Francis & Jesus nailed to a hammer and sickle

Poor Pope Francis looked bewildered and upset as he was given an odd looking "Jesus nailed to a hammer and sickle" by Bolivian President Evo Morales:

They say Evo is very enthusiastic and admires Francisco because he shows communist tendencies and issued such as nice encyclical attacking capitalism. Evo is a committed Marxist, but he has tempered his radical tendencies and managed to keep Bolivia from falling in the disastrous conditions we see in Venezuela and Cuba....for now. 

I believe the Christian Catholics call Evo's actions a sacrilege. The object itself is heretical, and a  gross insult to the Pope and the religious institution he represents.

 I believe this is the equivalent of giving a menorah dipped in pork fat to a senior Rabbi, or sending a naked female statue to an Ayatollah? 

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