New Horizons Spacecraft Pluto Flyby & Discoveries

NASAs New Horizons space probe is approaching Pluto at very high speed.

Pluto has mountains! Here's a 360 video, flying around the ice mountains:

you tube by NASA : ice mountain fly around (don't miss! ) 

Link to an article in Discover magazine on July 20:


Excellent set of photographs released on Friday


 Touch the NASA link below to see a high resolution photograph.


 Latest NASA web page shows Charon, Pluto's moon, in the best detail ever seen (see link)


Link to NASA Tweet showing last photo taken before the flyby blackout period.


Here's a Pluto view from several million kilometers:

Photo released by Alex Parker,  from universe today. 

A really good set of photos can be seen here:


I'll be putting in new photos as they are released. Or you can sign up to follow Emily Lakdawalla using Twitter. The space probe is moving too fast to enter orbit around Pluto, it will fly by in a few days, and afterwards it'll continue traveling at high speed, and exit the solar system.

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