Welcome to Cuba

Canadians seem to be the most frequent foreign visitors to Cuba. The Cuban government has a webpage to sell them a vacation in Cuba 

Cuban government propaganda webpage 

Like most tourists, Canadians seem to be quite oblivious to the fact that Cuba is ruled by an ugly dictatorship. Either that, or they back it because they share similar political beliefs. 

Fidel I and Raul I Castro, the first
 two members of the Castro dinasty 

However, I wonder if these tourists would be so supportive if they understood the regime is a military-fascist hereditary dictatorship? 

Military Parade (from Reuters)

These guys like to sell themselves as communists, but the truth is a lot uglier: Fidel was a Stalinist, but his brother Raul inherited power and today he´s trying to implement his own ideas. And as I mentioned above, this involves a turn towards capitalism, a fascist like use of central power to control private enterprises, a single party, and eventually handing power to the next Castro generation...namely, his son Alejandro Castro Espin. 

Prince Alejandro Castro
 (from Cubanuestra1 blog)

So if you are contemplating a visit to Cuba, I suggest you do learn how the population is treated by the Castro dinasty, and consider helping out by distributing subversive literature.  Copies of Orwell´s  "1984" and "Animal Farm" in Spanish are highly recommended. Take several copies hidden in your suitcases, and I wish you good luck as you go through Cuban customs. Thank you. 

Update: Slowdown in Tourist Arrivals to Cuba continues in July 2014

This shows it´s important to point out the facts of life to naive would be tourists. Do your part and don´t cooperate with dictatorial regimes. There are plenty of places to visit elsewhere. 

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