Revolutionary Meetings Every Saturday

When I was young I was taught about Marx, Lenin and Engels at school. They conducted these classes on Saturdays, they were called "Revolutionary Meetings".  Plenos Revolucionarios, Translate it if you can. 

Revolutionary meetings looked like this

I was trained by my parents to keep a straight face and watch my body language to stay out of trouble with the communist authorities.  My parents  were giving me books  by George Orwell and other writers to read at the same time, and they inoculated me against the communist bullshit I was being fed. 

However, these classes were very difficult.   I had to avoid smirking of even laughing when Marxist ideology was discussed, and I had to cross my legs and bend down so they wouldn´t see my face.

One day I got out of class and I heard a young girl, whose father worked for the secret police,  making  very positive comments about  Marxism. She  said it was a wonderful  thing they allowed us to make such a discovery in class.  I must have smiled, because she turned to me and snapped "and you, do you have anything to say about it"?

I mumbled something and I started looking for a rock to smash her head, but luckily for me, I couldn´t  find one and I calmed down.

The state of one´s repressed emotions 
when living in a communist dictatorship 

I don´t  know what happened to that girl, but that moment changed my life, because I realized I couldn´t  keep on pretending to be an impassive drone and I would go crazy and would probably kill a dozen  of those sons of bitches. So I decided it was best to leave the country, and I managed to escape the following year.

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