The Devil´s Excrement travels from Caracas to Aruba

This is a plug for the Devil´s Excrement´s author, Miguel Octavio. His last post, "Venezuela Drifting Away from the World",  is one of his better pieces. It describes his last trip from Caracas to Aruba. 

Miguel Octavio´s blog, The Devil´s Excrement,  is a must read for those who want to understand what´s going on in Venezuela.  I added this post to my list “Highly Recommended Heartbreakers” because it reminded me of the way things were when I left Cuba.

You see, my departure from Havana was quite similar. We had a nightmarish set of checks and were treated like animals by government officials. I was on a special KLM charter carrying 152 children and four Dutch adults who came along as chaperones. The plane was a DC-8, something like this:

KLM DC-8 at Amsterdam´s Schiphol Airport.

As was customary, once the plane lifted off from the runway nobody said a word, and we counted the minutes until the pilot announced: “We have now reached the point of no return, if the plane breaks down we will land outside of Cuba”. At that point all of us started cheering and hugging each other. We had escaped.


Miguel Octavio´s Blog, The Devil´s Excrement is here

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