Happy Birthday, Fidel

I think Fidel Castro is senile, makes little noises with his throat, and drools. However once in a while we hear somebody had a conversation with the ancient dictator, they say “the old man is still thinking”, “he sure remembers Stalin!” and things like that.

Fidel being exhibited in public

As talkative as he was, if he could speak in public he would do it. Because he doesn´t, I think those shots of pluripotent rat cells he got didn´t work out. This is the reason why nowadays they pull him out of his room and try to make believe he´s talking sense. But he is so disconnected from reality he thinks the Soviet Union exists, that China is communist, and doesn´t even realize his brother Raúl sold the rights to use him in  Guaraná soft drink propaganda. 

Fidel selling Guaraná Antarctica soft drink 

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