The US State of the Climate Report

The US Government's state of the climate report is flawed. Its dire findings for the future are based on the use of a discredited CO2 emissions profile prepared by the IPCC called "RCP8.5.", climate models which exaggerate future temperatures due to internal parameterization inaccuracies and poor design, and a suspect carbon cycle model.

For example, here's a comparison of climate model predictions prepared using data as of year end 2017:

As you can see the full model family is running warmer than actual data. To make matters even worse, the case used by the government, RCP8.5, is at the highest or hottest of four cases developed by the IPCC.

 The regional predictions about weather events, the forest fire claims, the sea level rise projection, all of them are flawed and deserve low credibility. I sense that Obama created a government structure and bureaucracy so orthodox, rigid, and full of ideologues that it can no longer function professionally. Thus this report has to be discarded.

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