Ocasio Cortes political add

Opening scene:

Ocasio Cortes standing by a lake surrounded by Indians, wearing a red robe. :"I always thought my life would be limited to bartending and occasional gigs as a Bernie Sanders groupie, but then I got a call by Justice Democrats who convinced me their NY network could get me elected to congress. All i needed was to declare myself a Democratic Socialist(*) and propose open borders, free college and health care, rent and gun controls, nationalizing banks, and to be able to explain that low unemployment was caused by too many people working two jobs."

Indian fellow: "Miss Ocasio Cortes, I think you hired the wrong kind of Indian extras for this add, we are legal immigrants from Mumbai, brought in by Google to write their add algorithms".

Ocasio Cortes: "That's OK, I'm sure voters will see that you Patagonian Indians will benefit from my open borders proposal, you definitely have a reason to fight the white male capitalist patriarchate"

(*) Democratic Socialism is the name used by German communists to describe their ideology, a rebooted 21st century version of Stalinism.

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