Presidential Secrets

A bored  middle aged college physics professor (played by Billy Bob Thornton)  moves to Washington to work as a  Republican Congressman´s Science and Energy Advisor. His first week on the job he meets and falls in love with  a female Secret Service Agent (Angelina Jolie), who is the President´s best  bodyguard.

Glamorous couple hugs after one
 of their escapes from their pursuers

The female agent´s father (Robert Redford)  is a high level Wikileaks officer who owns a swank apartment near the Washington Zoo. One night, as the Secret Service agent and the Republican staffer are using the king size bed at her father´s apartment, a psychopath (Charlize Theron) enters through the window carrying a roll of duct tape and a butcher knife. 

The agent proceeds to shoot her, but before she dies the psychopath asks them to search her purse, which holds several documents, including the President´s birth certificate in Arabic, and a piece of paper with the President´s Science Advisor (Richard Dreyfuss)´s email, Twitter, and Facebook passwords.

The couple realizes having this information could be deadly, they wrap the psychopath´s corpse in a sleeping bag and dump it in the Potomac river. However, the next day, the discovery of the psychopath´s body causes panic in the halls of power, and leads to creation of  a joint FBI-CIA-NSA  task force, led by the former head of the Area 51 Interrogation Corps (Viggo Mortensen)  to hunt down the people who emptied the psychopath´s purse and learned the Presidential secrets.  

Viggo Mortensen heads the deadly FBI-CIA-NSA
 task force hunting the movie´s heroes 

Thus begins our glamorous couple´s adventure, in search of the President´s birthplace somewhere in the Muslim world, as well as to unravel  the  real secret behind the Science Advisor´s interest in Global Warming, which, after reading his email,  they find out  is driven by the knowledge that Saudi and Kuwaiti oil reserves are inflated, and the world will soon run out of oil.

This points them to a conspiracy led by oil moguls who fear their companies´ market value will crash if the world finds out the awful truth, and confirms the world´s real temperature is being inflated by 0.6 degrees Centigrade.

Our two heroes become engaged in a deadly struggle with the CIA-FBI-NSA task force as well as retired Russian special forces operatives working for the oil moguls.  In this they will be aided by the psychopath´s psychiatrist (Holland Taylor), and a super hacker (Sam Rockwell) who has access to all the world´s data bases. 

Holland Taylor plays Charize Theron´s psychiatrist 

89 Minutes, $12.99, Available Until 12/12/2015

Top Reviews:

 “Well acted yarn, tasteful violence mixed with social commentary, a good inside view of American politics”, NY Times

“Billy Bob Thornton lands his best role ever since Armageddon, Holland Taylor is great as Charize Theron´s shrink” Psychology Today

“One of the most thoughtful and satisfying thrillers of the last decade, the music score is Oscar material”, Rolling Stone Magazine

“Not a conventional movie, an off the record look at secret personalities with interpersonal conflicts”, The Huffington Movie Critic

“Sam Rockwell´s mastery of the hacker´s mind is terrific” Byte Magazine

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