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The following  is a quote from an article by  Miriam Celaya at 14 y medio:

After the demise of the Soviet Union and of socialism in Eastern Europe, the regime managed, with relative success, an unprecedented economic crisis in Cuba, euphemistically known as the “Special Period”, thanks to two key factors: foreign investment from a group of adventurous entrepreneurs who believed that a virgin market and a system in ruins were sufficient conditions for bargaining advantageously  and the forced establishment of  opening enterprise in the form of small family business, two elements that had been demonized for decades, since the nationalization, in the early sixties, of foreign capital businesses, and seizing of small businesses later, during the so-called Revolutionary Offensive of 1968.

Hugo Chávez with his mentor, Fidel Castro. Today
 Cuba is ruled by Fidel´s younger brother, Raul, who 
in turn is grooming his eldest son  to take over power 
when he retires (photo from Natl Geographic) 

In the late 90’s, however, a new possibility for subsidies appeared on the scene, in the form of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez. His deeply populist and egotistical government assumed the maintenance of the Castro system based on the exploitation and ruthless squandering that country’s oil. At the same time, he sustained the Cuban sovereignty myth. This myth is the foundation of the revolutionary anti-imperialist tale (David vs. Goliath), played endlessly in this ignorant and superstitious region by a host of leftist opportunistic intellectuals that thrive in Latin America.

That explains how, after half of century of revolution, Cuba is still one of the most dependent countries in the Western world, and at the same time the “most sovereign” though, currently, it may be common knowledge, according to the very official acknowledgement. The final destiny of the Island depends on foreign capital investment.  It turns out that, in this nation, so very independent and sovereign, the olive–green oligarchs no longer mock the embargo, but they weep for its termination. It may be that their personal wealth, fruit of the plunder of the national treasury, is comfortably safe in foreign funds and vaults, but, without foreign investments, the days of their dynasty are counted.

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, there have been about six US administrations (…) while Cuba continues with the same system. 

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall there have been about six US administrations, three presidents have ruled in post-communist Russia, and several more have followed in the governments of the countries of Eastern Europe, while the same system of government still remains in Cuba,  imposed by the succession of the Castro brothers, with adjustments and “renovations” that only serve to cover up the mimetic capacity of an elite military clique in the transition to state capitalism, the administrator of an economic and political monopoly that attempts to successfully survive the inevitable transformation of late-Castrism into something that no one knows for sure what it will be.

Today, while others resolve Cuba’s destinies, Cubans, always subjected to extraterritorial powers and at the mercy of an octogenarian autocracy – however sufficiently proud or stupid enough so as to not recognize it, and sufficiently meek as to not revolt — have ended up winning just one card: that of begging, only that the olive-green elite poses as a beggar, their hands held out palms up, asking the alms of foreign capital. Reality has ended up obeying the discourse: never before have we been more dependent.

Miriam forgot to add that today Cuba seems to be in control of Venezuela´s dictator, Nicolás Maduro. And to make matters even more interesting, today they have very close friends running a populist chavista friendly party in Spain (Podemos). This party is  led by a charismatic university professor who sounds like an educated more articulate Chávez. Under president Obama USA foreign policy seems to be drawn mostly into creating itself endless hassles in the Middle East, Ukraine, and Africa. Meanwhile the Cuban dictatorship uses Venezuela´s dwindling oil income in a desperate effort to make itself over into a mini empire, with tentacles which extend all the way into Europe via Podemos in Spain. Even more interesting is to see the New York Times and other leftist media advocating a friendly approach towards the Cuban dictatorship at the same time the Castros and their henchmen are very active trying to undermine US interests. 

Spanish "Podemos" leader speaking on Venezuela´sstate 
owned TV, expressing admiration for Chávez "Revolution". 

As for the Spanish people, they had better wake up. Podemos and the other leftist parties can take over the country. And when they do you will be on your way to be another Venezuela/Cuba-like disaster. 

The original article by Miriam was translated into English and can be found here: 

Below is the link to the video (in Spanish) in which Podemos leader says Europeans should copy what happened in Venezuela: 

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