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I ran into this video of a Bar Mitzvah which took place in Dallas, Texas, a couple of years ago. The video came with some pointed comments by Philip Weiss, a Jewish fella who criticized the video´s artistic merit.

Dallas Bar Mitzvah video 

Philip wrote this about the video; 
 “Sam Horowitz’s ecdysiastic bar mitzvah celebration in Dallas last November is all over the internet thanks to a blog called Kveller, which published it like it was cute. “The Dallas Observer called the professionally choreographed routine at the Omni Hotel ‘unarguably the craziest entrance to a religious celebration and ceremony,’ which is unfair, seeing as it’s unarguably the craziest entrance to anything ever,”
I bet my old High School friends at Hewlett High are worried about the way things are turning out. To give you a sense of how things are changing, here´s a quote from My Jewish Learning
“The history of the bar mitzvah dates back to a fifth-century rabbinic text references a blessing (still part of a traditional bar mitzvah) recited by the father thanking God for freeing him from responsibility for the deeds of his child, who is now accountable for his own actions. A 14th-century text mentions a father reciting this blessing in a synagogue when his son has his first aliyah. By the 17th century, boys celebrating this coming of age were also reading from the Torah, chanting the weekly prophetic portion, leading services, and delivering learned talks.”

My Jewish Learning also has a  funny video by Myq Kaplan about Bar Mitzvah dancing:

Myq Kaplan Discusses Bar Mitzvah Dancing

The last time I got invited to a religious event was quite a few years ago, when I lived in Venezuela, and it sure seemed pretty normal. But after watching these videos I decided to research their evolution of religious ceremonies in the 21st Century.

Here´s a video of a Catholic Communion ceremony held by ethnic Indians in the UK:

Stephy´s Holy Communion Party 

This one looks pretty normal, but the music act also included a musical re-enactment of a plane hikacking in which everybody died. That sure was weird. I didn´t know there were so many Indian Catholics loading Youtube videos, so I did a quick search and found one I really liked:

Girls from Ernakulam, Kerala, India, sing a religious song 

This particular group of  Indian Catholics belong to the Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly. They were called members of the “Saint Thomas Christian Church”, which had been founded by Saint Thomas, one of the original Apostles, when he arrived in India in 54 CE. As far as I can tell they take their religion pretty seriously, they have remained Christian Catholics  in a land ruled by Hindus, Moslems, British Anglicans…They number about 470 thousand, have 35 hospitals, 32 orphanages, and 431 schools.

Here´s a link to their website:

The link to the Weiss blog is here (WARNING: This blog is written by a radical commie Jewish dude, don´t touch the link before you take your Prozac):

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