Overview of the cemetery where Fidel Castro will be buried

Lonelyplanet has a good summary of Santa Ifigenia cemetery, in Santiago de Cuba,  where Fidel Castro will be buried sometime in  2016. I don´t have all the details about the burial ceremony, but I understand they are going to invite everybody who counts. Fidel Castro isn't dead, but his mind is completely gone, they got him wearing diapers, and he can barely move. In other words, it's likely they Castro family dinasty's first dictator will be dead and buried within months. 

The idea is to transform the old wasted dictator´s body into a worship object, to enforce the idea that a Castro will always be the natural heir to Fidel´s glorious tradition and wonderful ideas. They Castro dictatorship is  morphing into a weird mixture of China and North Korea. 

Santa Ifigenia cemetery, where rumour has it 
Fidel Castro will be buried in 2016

Lonely Planet´s description follows:

“Nestled peacefully on the city's western extremity, the Cementerio Santa Ifigenia is second only to Havana's Necrópolis Cristóbal Colón in its importance and grandiosity. Created in 1868 to accommodate the victims of the War of Independence and a simultaneous yellow-fever outbreak, the Santa Ifigenia includes many great historical figures among its 8000-plus tombs, notably the mausoleum of José Martí.

Names to look out for include … María Grajales, the widow of independence hero Antonio Maceo; and Mariana Grajales, Maceo's mother; 11 of the 31 generals of the independence struggles; the Spanish soldiers who died in the battles of San Juan Hill and Caney; the 'martyrs' of the 1953 Moncada Barracks attack; M-26-7 activists Frank and Josué País; father of Cuban independence, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes (1819–74); and international celebrity-cum-popular-musical-rake, Compay Segundo (1907–2003) of Buena Vista Social Club fame.

The highlight of the cemetery, for most, is the quasi-religious mausoleum to national hero José Martí (1853–95)….A round-the-clock guard of the mausoleum is changed, amid much pomp and ceremony, every 30 minutes.

Horse carts go along Av Jesús Menéndez, from Parque Alameda to Cementerio Santa Ifigenia (1 peso); otherwise it's a good leg-stretching walk.”



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Diango and Bianco Vargas, twin brothers, jailed 
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