Interview with an oilman

This is part one of a six part set of interviews I made in Texas,  to discover the secret behind the oil industry  conspiracy to kill the  renewables industry.  

"We wanted to break the renewable´s  backs, to show that electric cars are glorified golf carts" says J.R. Sanders, CEO of “Black Gold”,  a privately held  company engaged in the oil business all over the world, and Member of the Board  of a secretive oil company organization called “American Petroleum Institute”.

"We sat down with the Saudis, the guys at the Military Industrial Complex and the Israel Lobby, made some agreements, and so far it looks like we´re gonna get it done"

I wanted to find out how the Oil Mafia conspires  to stop renewables, so I had gone to Texas in late 2014 to get in contact with their people. To my surprise, I found they were  secretive, but some of them were very talkative. My first “inside” contact was a Dallas banker who didn´t say much. He put me in contact with a French "service company” manager, who refused to discuss anything after he found out I was a  media spy from Ohio. But this guy agreed to send an email to Mr Sanders´s executive secretary, who set up my interview in Sanders´ personal office in Houston.

With large boots  on his desk, Sanders looked  annoyed when I asked: “So you are the ones behind the 2014  oil price crash? ¿And this is supposed to make renewables disappear?”  

Sanders imitating James Dean in
 his Houston oilman´s office 

"At first we thought we could buy the US Government outright and make them pass laws to outlaw renewables, but pretty soon we found out that was way too transparent,  and the politicians wouldn´t go for it.  The tobacco lobby and the lawyers agreed to sell out after we put enough cash on the table, but we found out the Military Industrial Complex and the Israel Lobby wouldn´t risk exposing their side”.

He picked up a can of chewing tobacco, offered me some, and after I politely turned him down he put a huge wad in his mouth and mumbled:  “We knew we had to move fast before renewables got too popular, so we called the Saudis, asked for extra cash and made our move.”

To my surprise, he spoke slowly  and allowed  me to take notes as he rambled on: "We didn't take renewables seriously at the beginning, but the global warming topic started coming out in the press all the time… we already had enough trouble  getting the Pentagon to invade Iraq, and that didn’t turn out the way we wanted,  too many made members didn´t want to risk another blunder. But we had to defend market share, and those electric vehicles sure looked competitive after the California  government started subsidizing them”.

I repeated my question, asking him to clarify his organization´s role in the fight against renewables, and he went on:

"That wasn't  just to put the kebosh on renewables, it actually hurts the little oilmen, but not us,  and this business is a war of attrition . My outfit is small compared to Exxon and Chevron- this year we will produce oh, about one and half million barrels of oil, but the big guys produce a bit more. Technologically we got them beat because we hired a bunch of engineers from a French service company, and now we´re gonna get a lot bigger”.

"And that's the whole idea" he continued; "our goal is to eliminate renewables as a viable competitor, get the little guys out of the way, and move on to squeezing oil out of the ground in New York, Greenland, wherever we can find it using the very best technology we can buy”.  

Seeing he was talking so much I asked him about the deal with the Military Industrial Complex and the Israel Lobby:

“Simple, the weapons builders weren´t getting enough business, and the Israelis are getting a lot of pressure from inside their own mafias. The weapons builders own the Pentagon, but we own the CIA, so the idea was to start trouble somewhere in Eastern Europe, to make the Europeans worry and buy more weapons, preferably the expensive kind. The CIA staged a coup in Ukraine, we got the Israel Lobby to back us using the media to scare the beejezuz out of everybody, and there you are…we got a civil war going on, the Russians got pissed, and we even got the Europeans to put sanctions on them. But they haven´t bought any weapons, and that sure has the weapons guys worried. We go through all that trouble and those perfumed pussies  think we´re going to send the First Armored Division all the way from Waco to fight the Russians? No way. By the time we´re finished we´re gonna have the French driving  main battle tanks to work”.

Then I asked him to fill me in about the Israel Lobby´s role, and why did they back the move to stop renewables:

"Look, they only own 20% of the government, but they are savvy, and they got their territory”,  answered Sanders. "After we got the Muslims  aboard,  we let the Jews  know what was coming down, and they started playing with those high yield junk bonds. In six months they´re going to own all the little oil  guys, sell them to us, and use the profits to buy Israeli bonds. They got a really good deal out of it”.

President Obama representing the American 
Petroleum Institute during talks with the Saudis 

Black Gold is  involved in the oil business all over the world, but I felt he was bragging a bit, so I asked him if the lower oil prices weren´t going to hurt oilmen, even the top professionals like geologists. But he laughed:  “That´s one of the biggest jokes in the world, real oilmen are grown, not made. Look at those guys in the picture, do you see a geologist standing there? Of course not. Geologists are the oilman´s best friend, but they got their place in the pecking order. And when an oil company forgets it, and puts a geologist in charge, what do you get? You get  Tony Hayward” And he laughed at his own inside joke as he made a gesture for us to move on to his private dining room… 

Real Oilmen drilling an oil well 

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