I´m not Charlie Hebdo

Every blog, newspaper, and TV show keeps repeating the “I´m Charlie Hebdo” ditty. I´m sorry, but I´m not Charlie Hebdo. I don´t believe in anything, but I want to emphasize my respect for all religions and sects, of whatever kind. I also want to make a clear statement in defense of that tasteless magazine, and to condemn the sick intolerance which drove those two nutty brothers to so much murder and mayhem. 

Those two sick puppies were nearly as bad as the Norwegian right wing extremist  Anders Behring Breivik (77 victims),  the religious nutter  Jim Jones (913 victims),  the  Andreas Baader-Ulrike Meinhof gang (at least 34 victims),  Osama bin Laden (3000+ victims)... 

I find this cartoon, taken from a Charlie Hebdo
 magazine cover, to be completely tasteless
 and offensive. If had been the editor I would 
never publish anything like this. 

That magazine sure knows how to draw up material to upset just about everybody on the planet. I found out there´s a whole collection of tasteless cartoons about other religions  one can find using google images search.

Really tasteless cartoon about 
Christian leader, this doesn´t 
have any artistic merit, period.

Google images also served up incredibly offensive material about Jews  drawn by Iranian cartoonists. I bet religious Iranians  wouldn´t want me to  draw  ugly cartoons about their Imam Ali. Eh?

Really offensive material drawn
 by Iranian cartoonist, this material 
should not be shown to minors. 

I also found material, clearly intended to ridicule Hindu religious law,  placed in Burger King advertisements:  

Advertisement for beef burgers, reads 
 "The meal is sacred" in Spanish. The  
publicist who came up with this idea 
won the a55h0le  of the month award. 

I think any political comments involving religion, controversial ethnic conflicts, or invasion and war,  should be properly laid out, tasteful, and with a very subtle message. Something like this:

Properly crafted  comment,  teaching  us about
 the Christian Bible´s Old Testament contents.

I sincerely hope this material isn´t offensive to you, my dear reader. I don´t intend to upset anybody, I´m just trying to point out I´m not Charlie Hebdo, their content is way too tasteless for me.  So please don´t persecute me,  or try to shoot me,  in a fit of righteous anger. 

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