My letter to Jamie Foxx

Mr Jamie Foxx, Actor 
Somewhere in Hollywwod

When you visit Caracas and pal around with Maduro you help a despicable dictator. I suspect you may have been misled by Sean Penn, or possibly Danny Glover, who visit Caracas, get cash from the chavista regime, and sing praises to this horrible regime. 

 Nicolas Maduro can be classified as a tyrant. He's the worst Latin American ruler in the last 20-30 years, although it isn't his dictatorial behavior, it's his misgovernance which has brought a lot of misery and pain to the Venezuelan people. 

This photograph with Maduro and Lucas 
makes you look like human garbage

To make sure you do understand the cesspool you dove into, I'll lay out for you the basics: 

Today, the Venezuelan regime is trying to steer the country towards a Castro style dictatorship, but its top leadership is both corrupt and stupid, their plans to hang on to power by violating the constitution and ignoring the popular will are likely to cause more hunger and disease, and a refugee exodus. 

Unfortunately President Obama's endorsement of Maduro's Cuban mentors was the essential element which led Maduro to move hard to the dictatorial Stalinist style used by the Castro family dictatorship. Maduro and the caste which surrounds him are convinced they can do like the Castros, install a dictatorship, abuse human rights at will, ruin the economy, or whatever else they imagine. Obama and the corrupt neocon elite which rules the USA  have already made it clear they'll do business with the Castro Mafia, therefore in the end they'll also deal with Maduro's Chavista Mafia. 

In conclusion, Maduro is a tyrant and a thug. Winning an election didn't make him a tyrant. He became a tyrant gradually, as his moves destroyed the economy and his repressive style earned him his current reputation. Today, Maduro wouldn't get 30 % of the vote. This is why he is using his dictatorial powers to shut down elections for governors (which should be held by December), as well as a recall referendum to force him out of office.

If you want to become more familiar with Venezuela please contact Human Rights Watch or the UN Human Rights Committee.

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